Saturday, September 12, 2009

Your tax money. OFF DUTY...

One of my many talents is music. At the tender age of 10, I taught myself to play the guitar. By the time I was 14 I was playing in bars for money. I didn't start drinking. But I lied about my age until I was old enough to get in legally. My friends and I would practice on my mother's front porch during the summer evenings. We were all very talented and despite our rather non country-western repertoire, very few complaints ever arose. If someone would call to complain my mother would say "At least you know where they are. Would you prefer they were out breaking into cars?"
It was true. Music provided an outlet for my energies. And kept me out of trouble. For the most part.
While stationed in Japan, I was fortunate enough to have joined up with three other shipmates who were exceedingly talented musicians. We formed a band, named it "UNCLE JAM" and we toured the western Pacific rim. Where ever the ship went. We played Yokosuka, Japan, Hong Kong, Chin-Hai and Pusan, South Korea. Taipei, Taiwan. Olongapo, Philippines. Geraldton, Darwin and Brisbane, Australia. Our Commanding Officer requested us to play his favorite rock tune "Johnny B. Goode" when the ship would leave ports.
We were American good will ambassadors. And the money from the bars didn't hurt either.
My house is full of musical equipment. My wife has and plays a piano and an Accordion. My daughter has a Fender Dreadnought. My son owns three guitars, a Dreadnought, a Stratocaster and another I don't know the name of. I now only have a Pearl White Stratocaster, down from a life-time high of 6, that I will play again when my fingers work again.


My ADHD Me said...

My 18 year old started playing around the same age as you and also taught himself. So did my 13 year old. They play drums too. 13 year old also played cello for a year. And 18 year old also plays ocarina. All these they picked up on his own. Younger one played in a talent show and older one has played a few gigs at a local place. I agree. It's nice to know where they are, even if his genre is grind core. One of his concerts is on youtube. Maybe one day I'll play it for my Tuesday Special Guest....but it would scare away most of my readers. haha.
We have amps, cords, equip, and instruments all over the place.
i play piano but it didn't come naturally like it does for them. 13 years of lessons and I never was great.

Abiding Branch said...

KW, That is fantastic!! My son has been teaching himself drums and guitar. He has really enjoyed it but still loves golf more, lol!! I will pray that God restores your fingers for His glory and your pleasure!!

Heart2Heart said...


I think music allows us to put our thoughts into notes to express things that we can not from our mouths.

My oldest daughter is learning the guitar and my youngest the piano. Who knows what path their musical lives will take from here.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kelly Combs said...

"Uncle Jam." I love that! Very clever. Well, I'm not musical, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to sing, and do often & loud, but I can't carry a tune. My 10 yr old daughter takes piano lessons. That's about it for us. I listen to the radio alot and sing along.

I look forward to the day that you can play again! I expect you to record it and put it on your blog so we can all cheer for you.

AmyK. said...

My husband plays guitar, and very well at that. He is in 2 bands now...they play bars, all in fun.

Wait, let me go count....

Ok, he has 9 guitars (3 are acoustic) and one bass.

Edie said...

I played cello for a year in middle school. I would love to play the violin and might give it a try one day too. Beyond that, I love to sing and dance before the Lord with all my might, but not in front of an audience.