Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just so you know...

I am not a warhawk. I am no peace freak either. War is so terrible that it boggles the imagination. No sane person can witness warfare and be enamored of it. Soldiers or warriors do not start wars. We end them! Under the US Constitution, only the Congress can declare war. Unless they turn yellow and sign a "WAR POWERS ACT" giving that power to the president. That way they can avoid re-election headaches.
But I digress. My post today is to let you know that the men and women who go to the military service of The US, are not mindless machines, programmed by the Military-Industrial complex. They are not low-minded people who couldn't make it on the civilian world. Or did not have the smarts to go to college. I have had my IQ tested several times (Bragging Alert) and it was continually marked between 148 and 162, depending on whose test you take. When I got my first college degree in Electronics, I CLEP tested out of all the classes. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, World History, Algebra and Sociology. Just to make sure they weren't graduating a competent illiterate, I had to write a term paper for English 301. I aced it too. But I am not the lone ranger boys and girls. No, not by a long shot. I have heard many times during my career, "What is such a smart, or talented, person like you doing in the military?" Implying that I must be a paradox or an enigma of some sort. There are many people in the military today, who are much smarter than I. And you better be darn glad they are there. But the one thing we all have in common is a deep abiding love of this country and the people in it.
So hate the WAR. It's Okay. You should hate war. It is a terrible thing. I hate war also. But don't hate the warriors. We didn't go and start war. You sent us. Please remember: The next time you cry "HAVOC" and set loose the "Dogs of war." Those brave men and women who answer the call to duty are some of the best America has to offer. Make sure the end justifies the sacrifice they lay on the alter of America's freedom. God bless America. And God bless you as well.
See this site:____
Much thanks to Chatty Kelly , a very smart and lovely woman,for bringing this film to my attention.


Blasé said...

Unfortunately, our Government doesn't love America. The Illigal Immigrants have free tuition for education and the works, over here.

My IQ is around 347, I think. What is an IQ??

Chatty Kelly is the Bomb!

Kelly Combs said...

Does that mean you are a mensa? Or just a menace? LOL!

You are welcome for the video link. I told you, my husband is USMA & Vietnam Vet, so he taught me about the sacrific. Thank you for yours, Mr. Brainiac!

My ADHD Me said...

My point again.
You say kevlar is bulletproof and better protection from knives.

Fire is safer because we don't need to worry as much about bullets and knives.


My ADHD Me said...

Oh yeah, I liked this post. We don't want horrible things to happen but when they do (and they will) will want to be there to protect America.

Think how awful it would be if only mindless idiots joined the military. It isn't just running around randomly shooting. it requires great brains.....doesn't hurt to have to the gun too though.

When someone is smart, and you obviously are extremely smart, what better way to use this gift than for God, Family and Country!

Edie said...

The fact that (some) people who have never been in the military view warriors as mindless machines is proof that the mindless ones are not the ones in the military. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that war is strategic and requires practice, training, skill, and dedication.

My daddy was a Marine. My grandpa was a Flying Tiger in WWII. I'm a patriot doing what I can to defend our freedoms from our own government. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Great video.

My ADHD Me said...

Yes, it's me again. I just watched the video clip.
Sometimes I feel like Americans have lost their pride. Then I watch something like that and realize that the warriors and patriots are still there. Thank God...literally.

Heart2Heart said...


I think we should be thankful we have so fairly smart and intelligent people serving in our military. It was never meant to be just mindless people carrying weapons without any thought to what was going on.

I for one am thankful for all the wonderful people that serve our country and I think we should be doing a lot more for them when they return.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Amber said...

Thanks for this post. My son leaves for Basic Nov. 4th.