Friday, September 11, 2009

Triva answers

Good guesses all round. Close on some. Others not so much. They don't get easier. And I will try to word them so look-ups won't be easy, next time.
1. Errol Flynn
2. Mt. Everest
3. Hawaii (Extra credit for Edie's explanation).
4. Olympus Mons (on Mars, Jupiter is a gas giant. No known mountains).
5. Bicycle
6. C= CONSTANT. The speed of light in a vacuum never changes.
7. fibonacci sequence
8. Water. It is the only substance that expands when chilled. (Unique Covalent bonding).Steve BZ.
9. Luna. Or The Moon. (check the definition of satellite).
10. Ovine.


Blasé said...



I'm O for O :(

Kelly Combs said...

I'd like to buy a vowel please.

Edie said...

LOL!!! at Kelly's comment. LOL!!!

I still lost, but with extra credit! Yay!


Edie said...

So I didn't break the record in my VW...??

Gotta Have Faith said...

Hey I think I got about half right! Are you grading on a curve?

LOL...Fun Post Kurt!