Thursday, September 3, 2009

A play on words. Or playing with words.

A turn of a phrase. A picture painted with words, rather than a canvas and tinted oils. I have been enamored of the English language and all of it's varied nuances for as long a I can remember. And just like any other artist,to be successful you must master all the different mediums to be proficient. It takes time, practice, study, discipline, dedication and hard work to be a master of any one. The paint-brushes you use to put pictures into the mind of your casual friends is not the same one you would use when warning someone of the dangers associated with persisting in their current aggravations. Like telling your mother "Mom, you really have pretty eyes." But when trying to describe your girlfriend's eyes or your wife's eyes, it is time for a different set of brushes. For example "the sparkle of diamonds in your eyes has pierced my heart."
It is not a case of just laying it on thicker. It's an entirely different technique. Similar to "Mos def, glints slimmy." would work in a highschool dance . But would only draw a blank stare from the principal's secretary.
Yes English is complicated. But it isn't hard. 2 year olds do it all the time. Consider that Slim Chance, and Fat Chance mean the same thing. No chance. Or some awe is a good thing. But full awe is bad. As in awesome and awful. For every occasion there is another word or phrase that will be more succinct or accurate or appropriate to the situation. There's even a big word to describe using big words. Sesquipedalian! Literally one and a half feet long. Try telling an adversary you are going to defenestrate them and while they are trying to figure out what you just said, you will have time to get started, throwing them out a window. Groucho Marx was a master of the English language. Find one of his books and read it. He makes Mark Twain sound like a tongue twisted illiterate. Some of his more famous lines "I shot an elephant in my pajamas...", and "Any club that would have me as a member... " are famous quotes that survive today. My particular favorite "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana" still makes people think twice. There's even a word for this type of saying. Paraprosdokian. Don't take my word. Look it up! I read the dictionary and I have total recall.
Another humorous way to use language, is as a tool for knocking people off guard. Next time someone is introduced to you, while shaking your hand they say "Nice to meet you." refuse to play along and ask "Oh really, why is that?" It is certain to make an impression. But be ready to not be offended when they say "Well maybe I'm not, then." Or when someone sees you in the hall and says "How's it going?" Instead of nodding and responding "not much." tell them how your kids are doing. Or how your motorcycle is acting up. One thing you must always do is to tell everyone you love, that you love them. Because you never know when your last chance to do so, was really the last chance. I have had several chances in my life when my last I love you, was absolutely the last. I am comforted by the fact that everyone I love, knows it. So when I leave this world no one left behind will wonder if I loved them. People will never know what is in your heart if you never let it out. But another good advice would be "If you can't say something nice, keep your cake hole shut."
Some people try to portray meaning or emotion in their digital communications with a short hand called "Emoticons." :) or :=) is a smile. ;) is a wink. I invented one. I gave it the name "Christ's love". Feel free to use it and spread the word. There's no copyright and I love you.


Heart2Heart said...


You just keep on breaking my stereotypical mold I had of you. WOW! I wonder how you score on IQ tests! I struggle with words even now. The older I get the more I look at a word and think, is that really how I spell that? No, that can't be right? Spell check isn't picking it up?

You are one blessed and amazing man. Keep on surprising me everyday. It keeps my brain working!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat >^..^<

Edie said...

Oh dear, that's a lot of brain power. I'm feeling a bit intimidated. *wink* or ;)...

Due to the emails she sent me, an attempt to get me to send $3K, and PD confirmation of emails being from out of country.

Long story and shouldn't post it here but will be glad to let you have a look. You might have more insight into the message source than I do. Like I said, I am waaayyy novice next to you.

But I understand Matthew 10:16.

Edie said...

I forgot to say, there is a contact button on my graphics blog.


Kelly Combs said...

It's funny, if I saw you (as in what your picture looks like) I'd be intimidated by you. And as smart as you are I'd surely be intimidated talking to you, but blogging...I like you, I really like you. In case you don't "recall" that one, it's Sally Field when she won an oscar. That is a joke around us girls (Edie, My ADHD Me, & me). So now you're in on the joke, because "we like you, we really like you."

Blasé said...

Gee are reeling in these church women hook, line, and sinker!

Denise said...

You are so awesome.