Monday, September 28, 2009

Trivia Tuesday...

Put on your thinking caps. and lay off the Google search. I don't ask questions I don't know the answer to. Please don't post answers you had to look up.

1. Robert Duval, the actor who uttered the phrase;
"I love the smell of napalm in the morning..." Has played many great
movie roles. What was his first?

2. The confederate General Robert E. Lee. What was the name of his horse?

3. The Union General who authored the scorched earth policy to defeat the south
was named William T. Sherman. What was his middle name?

4. The Battle of Gettysburg, ended up being the turning point of the war
between the states. What was the original military objective that led the
Confederates to this place in Pennsylvania?

5. My uncle Richard was in the army during WWII. His division was surrounded
by the nazi army, in a small town in Belgium, called Bastogne. What division
was my uncle assigned to?

6. In what state was the farthest west battle of the civil war fought in?
And what two states were involved?

7. Who owned the land that became Arlington National Cemetery?

8. How many States have a Pacific Shore-line?

9. What is the only action punishable for attempting. But, not for actually

10. What is Ross Perot's middle name?

Extra credit: Who sang the lyrics: "Of all the sounds that I really like, are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike"?


My ADHD Me said...

These things remind me how dumb I really am.
9. Suicide

Kelly Combs said...

I'd like to buy a vowel please.

Heart2Heart said...

1. Robert Duvall, one of my all time favorites. The phrase you quoted was from Apocalypse Now but his first movie I believe was To Kill A Mockingbird in 1962.

2. Traveller and then Lucy Long.

3. Tecumseh was his middle name.

4. Lee knew he did not have the strength to take Washington, DC, but the Army of the North was beginning to harass the southern capital of Richmond, Virginia. By invading the North, Lee felt he could achieve two objectives, moving the North's army away from Richmond, and should he gain a victory, the international recognition of Britain and other European states.

5. The Infantry division of the Army?

6. If we are talking about the American civil war it was a war between the North and the South. The North or Union had 23 states fighting and the South had 11. The farthest was New Mexico I believe.

7. The land was traced to its ownership to George Washington Parke Custis, the grandson of Martha Washington who owned the land upon which Arlington National Cemeterey now stands although the government did confiscate the land for military purposes three years later.

8. Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California.

9. Suicide.

10. Ross, his first name is Henry!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

HeartNiki said...

Yeah... What Heart2 Heart said. lol

SusanD said...

Kat wins! lol

Heart2Heart said...

Oooopps for number 8, it should be Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

2Thinks said...

I'm bummed I missed out on this challenge, though I didn't know many of the answers. I got behind on blog reading- new job, training, homeschooling etc. *sigh*

I am currently working on the extrapolation of the words you gave me. Should be ready to read today- soon.