Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 days till Christmas

There have bee a lot of things going on to keep me busy lately, and my poor wife too. We are taking bids from contractors to come and build a room addition with a bathroom suitable for a wheelchair access. It's not easy because for some reason once a contractor comes and sees what we want, it's almost like pulling teeth to get him to come back with a written estimate.

Also on any given Saturday (*rain or shine) from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm there is a free cookout at the parking lot of San Diego Harley-Davidson. Located at 5600 Kearney Mesa Road, in sunny San Diego, Ca. here are a couple of photos taken there.

I have an in with the big guy as he asks my advice on additions to his naughty list.

The owner of San Diego HD is a great guy we all call New York Myke, and he opened up his store to let the local USO hold their annual Christmas Party. He also provided free food and a live band for the day. The place was crawling with rug rats, all dependents of US Military members and a great time was had by all.

This is me and 3 of my brothers who came to visit a couple weeks ago, and they took me to San Diego HD for a charity fund raiser and blood-drive for the surviving members of 
The Saddletramps MC
 home based out of Lakeside, Ca.

I hope to post more photos after I attend 2 Christmas parties this weekend. Be sure to come back and see where I'm at and where I'm going next.

God bless you all