Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are you a 2%er?

Before you can accurately answer that, you must know what a 2%er is. Back in the day when motorcycle clubs were relatively new the American motorcycle Association (AMA) made a publicity statement that said "99% of all motorcyclists are law abiding people." In direct opposition to that statement members of the outlaw clubs, thier name will not be mentioned here, coined and adopted the phrase 1%er. They had patches made and added them to their colors As a badge of honor. Proudly displaying the fact that they were nonconformists. Antiestablishment. Society's laws did not apply to them. I have had friends, very good friends who were members of 1% clubs. There's a certain mystique about that life style that is attractive to rebellious youths. I never joined, I was never big on joining, and I found it easy to get in trouble all by myself. However, in 2003 I felt a calling to use my motorcycle for more than just a means of transportation. While riding my motorcycle I was meeting many people, who were seriously in need of God's love and salvation. I prayed about this and I found a group on the Internet that attracted my attention. Bikers for Christ motorcycle ministry. A group of brothers with two things in common. First, they are all on fire for the Lord. Secondly, they all love motorcycles. After that, their stories and backgrounds are as diverse as any other eclectic group. These people go where others either don't, can't or won't go. All in an effort to spread the good news in places where most Christians could not go. More than a few of them are ordained ministers, with seminary backgrounds. On my sideboard is a picture of the backpatch or colors we wear. One of the statements on the web-site you will read says, "We want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell." We wear our spiritual armor and wage spiritual warfare in front of the enemies gate.
So alright already!~ "What is a 2%er?" you ask patiently. It is estimated that only 2% of Christians will share the word of God with people they don't know (I told you my head was full of little known facts. But I did not say it was useless information). Every one of us are 2%ers. Check out our website. We are an International ministry. Wave to us if you see our colors going down the road. We don't bite, very hard. If you see one of my brothers in a public place, introduce yourself, tell them Kurt from the Dago chapter said "hi." You will be blessed by the experience.
And be on the lookout for Motorcyclists on the road. The life you save may be someones pastor.


Heart2Heart said...


Well you have convicted me in a great way. I guess I just wait for those windows of opportunity to pass my way before I share my testimony with others although my blog is giving me ample opportunity to practice.

I love the fact that you have taken your love of motorcycles and made that into part of your personal ministry. Perhaps we all too should take our likes and find ways to incorporate our gifts to work for the glory of God.

From this day forward you will have me looking for those that serve Jesus on motorcycles and I will give them the thumbs up when I pass them by.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Blasé said...

True dat!

Another 2% is related to the kind of milk SB drinks. 2% Fat.

I'm an all-or-nothing kind of guy, myself.

Gotta Have Faith said...


It is hard to say that I fall into the 2% category. I have had several conversations with Atheists or people who are fence sitters trying to council and spread the word. I should be more proactive in trying to show others that they need to follow Christ and if they do they will be transformed for the better.

Thanks for the post!


Amber said...

Love it. Love the post. Love what you do I don't know if I can say I'm a 2%er or not. I generally like to build a relationship with someone first. It doesnt' have to be a deep and abiding realationship mind you - it can be that we simply connect for a moment and introducing Chrsit seems like the right thing to do. I'm not comfortable talkign to someone I don't know about Christ, but then I'm not comfortable talking to someone I don't know about much of anything.

Kelly Combs said...

I hope I am a 2%-er. I think I am! Good job to you!

SusanD said...

Is that an actual patch? I love what being a 2%er stands for. You are absolutely right about motorcycle ministry opening doors that are closed to most people. Thanks for sharing this. Blessings, SusanD

Edie said...

I noticed your Bikers for Christ patch in the sidebar on my first day over here. I don't know much about the group but the name says enough for me. This is a group that I admire from afar. Maybe because I've known just enough bikers who would not have been a part of this group that I am thankful there is a Godly influence in that area.

I love this statement:
"We want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell. We wear our spiritual armor and wage spiritual warfare in front of the enemies gate."

Yes I can say that I am a 2%er. I pray that I have the courage of my convictions.

God bless you for yours.