Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A simple case of logic?

If you look at my sidebar picture and try real hard. Do you see a Presbyterian deacon, who doubles as a junior high Sunday school teacher? Those Leathers are my church clothes. And while I held those titles, no one moved their children out of my class. In fact, adults would occasionally attend also. But at the junior high level, these aren't cute little kids anymore. Most of them, probably all of them, attend public school. So they came to class on Sunday prepared to challenge everything I said. One Sunday morning one particularly bright young man asked a question. No, it was more of a trap. He asked "if God is all powerful, can He create a rock so big that He can't lift it?"
Was I trapped? Had this little smart aleck tacked my hide to the wall? The twinkle in his eye, and smirk on his lips said "yes." He was not a regular attender. Had he underestimated the leather clad bumpkin sitting in front of him. The youth of today do not recognize the fact that "OLD Guys" didn't get old by being dumb. And most, no, all of the tricks they come up with, us "OLD Dudes" invented, used and discarded before their parents were a couple.
Rather than glower at him like a cat about to pounce. Which would build sympathy from his peers, for this renegade inquisitor. I just smiled. Like the friendly old guy that I am. In a gentle, non threatening baritone, I told him he had made an incorrect syllogism. The smirk was gone. But it was replaced by a question mark in his eyes. I had not won the battle. But I was now on the offensive. This was a small adversary, and there was no need to bring out the big guns on this one. But I did need to make sure the onlookers understood my choice of weapons. So, I calmly explained that a syllogism is a series of steps that leads to a logical ending. Everyone, including the instigator nodded in understanding. Then I told him his syllogism had a flaw in it's logic. Mr. Spock would have said "I don't see the logic." The Lost In Space robot would have said "That does not compute." I said "Let me explain!"
"You see you assume that there is nothing God can't do. So when you assume that God could create something He had no control over. You were incorrect." He responded "God can do all things."
This was now a chess match. But his queen was in jeopardy and his king was in check. I said there are a lot of things God can't do." His queen was off the board and he was about to move his king into a corner. "Oh yeah! Name one???" he shot back. Checkmate!
God can't die. God can't lie. God can't stop being God or Change his nature. God can't do evil. God can't break a promise. And he can't create anything that is not under His control. To do any of those it would require God to stop being God. The children all understood. But a few of the adults in the back thought it was wrong to put limitations on God. I asked them to join me in a bible study next week, and we would cover this topic in detail. I spent the week in a concordance and the NIV, preparing. But when the appointed time arrived only one 82 year old lady named Sandy showed up. She told me the group had agreed and gave in. But they still didn't like to think of God with limits. I told her it was the limits that make Him God. She held her hand up, palm extended, and said "I'm in the choir."
I got a hug and a prayer. Does your God have limits?
Check these references:
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Be blessed and be a blessing to others.
Or as Bill & Ted would say "Be excellent to each other. Dudes."


Blasé said...

Apparently, God can't get the wife to shut up! I mean, I'm praying like a *@#%^&!...for God to do his thing, but I guess her mouth is stronger than his miracles.

I think I shall turn up the High Fi and drown her OUT!


KrippledWarrior said...

Be careful what you pray for.

Heart2Heart said...


This is a great post because I always wondered what the answer to this question was even though I knew the answer was yes, I could never explain it as thoroughly as you did here. I am planning to copy it and keep it in my Bible for those times when we are challenged.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

hadassahrose said...

Very, very true.

Oh, by the way, I can't imagine you as a deacon or a Sunday school teacher - but I think that it would be cool if more of them would be like you. :)

Found your blog while hopping from one to another.


Blasé said...

A Simple Case of Illogicality:

a Brown cow that eats Green grass and gives White milk!

Kelly Combs said...

I loved it! I can see how you had the adults thinking, but you were dead on! I'm constantly amazed at this biker dude with the gigantic brain power!

And throw in the cultural TV references and I am hooked for sure!

Magnifique travail de mon ami!

KrippledWarrior said...

Thank you everyone.
votre bonté me fait rougir.

Amber said...

GREAT post. :) I have to agree that I think it would be good if more SS teacher and deacons were like you. You've got wit and wisdom and a huge heart for God.

Denise said...

Awesome post.

Edie said...

Now this was just darn good! Ok it was really great. Love the brain power! Love the lesson! Would have loved to have seen the expressions on everyones faces. :)