Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a family resemblance

Yesterday I called my sister who lives in Kentucky, just to say hello and touch base on her comings and goings and to catch her up on what I've been doing. While we were talking I took advantage of the miracle that lives inside my iPhone, and sent her a photo of myself...

and she told me that she had been in touch with one of our cousins and had in her possession, some photographs of our family from a long time ago. And one of the pictures was of my great-great-grandfather who is the spitting image of yours truly. So, I said; "send them. I'd love to see."

my great-great-grandfather Isiah

Looks just like me, huh? Don't worry if you didn't see it, neither did I. But my sister, my wife and our cleaning lady all saw it...
Here are the other pics she sent. I don't have full details on them. But I will post that as soon as I get it.


Swineford is my maternal ancestral name.

Mary Swineford

George R. Swineford 1880

Shelumiel Swineford
Sargent US Army 1863

Shelumiel & Esther Swineford & children

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