Friday, September 25, 2009

Have you ever had a broken heart?

You can't answer yes, if you've never been in love. This is a story about love. Not romance, passion, infatuation or lust. Just love. There's this girl. It seems I have known her forever. We were introduced in the 5th grade. We were pals all through grade school and into high school. But then we drifted apart. We would bump into one another. But only in passing. But she would tell me the things that were bothering her. And I would listen but she never let me help. Her parents didn't like me. No! That's being mild. They hated me. They never took the time to learn anything about the real me. And they would fill her head with non-sense every time she mentioned my name.
When she went away to college, we lost touch. But I would run into her occasionally. Spring break, Christmas,, New Years. But when graduation time arrived, I was specifically told to stay away. It wasn't her decision. But the school didn't want my type present. MY TYPE. Can you imagine someone not wanting me around? So as per the request, I stayed my distance. She went on, to be a very successful marine biologist. Many of my friends are intelligent, skilled, capable people. But for some reason every time I would visit this friend, her collegues, would give her a hard time about me being around. Finally we lost touch for many years. I never stopped thinking of her. I was in love. Madly, totally, head over heels in love. Nothing would ever change that. There was something special about this woman. It was our destiny. To spend eternity together. She just didn't know it. Yet. But how do you make some one love you? You can't. See, God gave all of us free will. All I could do was to try to show her how much I loved her. And then she would come around. Our mutual friends would tell her how much I loved her. But she would scoff, that no one could love her that much. Was this girl stupid? How could she not see that I would do anything for her? I would throw myself in front of a bus for this girl.
Then one night she called me. I was surprised. But very pleased. She asked me to meet her in one hour, at a downtown cafe. I arrived early. Grabbed a table near the door, and waited. Anticipation made the time drag. It seemed like days. But it had only been hours. Two hours. After another hour she was still a no show. And I had very important things to do. So I left.
Two weeks later she called again. I asked why we failed to meet the last time, and she told me her friend got sick and needed her. I started to tell her that I could have helped in that situation. But she interrupted and asked me to meet her at "BENNEY'S" a local biker hang out. I knew the place. But I had no idea that she would be caught dead in there. Well, yes I really did. Because she always had a little rebel in her. And was attracted to the bad boys. So I mounted up on wings and headed for BENNEY'S. I may look like I belong with those guys. But we really have very little in common. Well, most of them either know me or know of me. But they stay clear of me. I have a reputation that most of these pseudo tough guys want nothing to do with.
This time she's a no show again. But I managed to meet some new friends, so this night was not a total waste. This situation repeats itself for months on end. She calls and says she needs to talk. I show up. And she doesn't. Dozens and dozens of calls and an equal number of broken dates. How many more times must this situation play itself out? How many more times will I fall for this ploy? Just as many times as it takes. You see, She's on the list. And I have all the time in the universe. Unfortunately she does not. But even if her last date with me is on her dying breath. I'll be there for her. She's on the list.

Are you on His list? Stop breaking dates. And stop breaking His heart.


2Thinks said...

This is an excellent allegory. You're a born storyteller. It is difficult to tell if your stories are true or pure allegory or a little of both. I guess the latter.

I'm on His list. And I'm trying to show up for the date, which is every breathing second of every single moment of every single day. He lives in me. I reside in Him. It doesn't get any more intimate than that. The battle is the constant pressure of all things "world", which is where I physically keep house- for now.

Heart2Heart said...


In light of the times our world finds ourselves struggling to get through it is only by being on His list that we have hope for something better.

Great post and one lucky girl I am sure! I just wish she would realize it and meet you when she asks!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

HeartNiki said...

I was on his list, but now hes on mine.

Amber said...

Yes, I've had a broken heart.

No, I can't imagine anyone not wanting you around.

And neither can I imagine anyone not wanting Him around.

Shonda said...

An allegory? Very good.

Thanks for visiting my blog, twice now.

I see you're a veteran and I want to thank you for serving our country.

My husband also rides a Harley & a Marine vet.

Blessings in Christ-

Kelly Combs said...

whoa - I didn't see that coming! Here I was thinking I hope he is telling a story about his wife...cause if not, he better not be answering this chick's call anymore. ;-)

How many dates have I broken? I don't know. I don't even want to think about it. Wow. This was awesome. Thanks for sharing it.

NicNacManiac said...

I always find myself leaning closer to the screen and squinting my eyes, almost as if to hear your voice more clearly. You are captivating!!

My ADHD Me said...

This was awesome.
I need to stop breaking dates.

As for love here on Earth. Completely overrated.

I went and listened to Emilie Autumn. I think she definitely wants her innocence back. She's very pleased to be pretty too. haha.

When my sons band played that show 3 years ago, it was at a high school function. Of course the Administration hated it. They were made to change their base and lower the sound. They were annoyed but I'm glad they stuck with it.
Good thing the "administration" didn't know the words. ha.

My ADHD Me said...

Oh yeah, but I did like her music.

My ADHD Me said...

Hey, I just noticed that it doesn't show that I am "following you". That's odd, because I am.

Edie said...

Wow what a surprise ending! I thought you were talking about your wife and how God brought you two together. As someone else said, maybe there was a mixture of truth and storytelling in there.

I'm glad I'm on His list.


Becki Jacket said...

I'm not on anyone's list.
But i'm sure you could guess that he's on mine.
You'd think that just because i'm nineteen, doesn't mean i've never been in love, but it's not true.
I've been in love.