Wednesday, September 16, 2009

World-wide Wednesday: Have you ever been to...?

I'm not your typical Carolina redneck. I have pine-tar in my veins, and I believe God is a Tarheel fan. Why else would He have made the sky "Carolina Blue"? During March Madness, I cheer for all the Carolina home teams: Carolina, NC State, Duke, Wake Forrest, UNC Wilmington, UNC Greenville. NC... anything. Except for a few funerals, I haven't been to the old North State since I left for the Navy in 1973.
But, after spending 16.5 years on sea-duty in the US Navy. I'm am a qualified world traveler. My usual answer to the above question is more than likely "YES." The next question that follows is "What's your favorite place to visit?" I'm usually saying to myself "Home." But I understand the question, and answer "HONG KONG." I've been to the "NEW YORK of Asia" more than 20 different times. Then the ineveitable "WHY?" To which I respond "Hong Kong has everything." If "it" isn't in Hong Kong, "it"doesn't exist. Orca teeth, Scrimshawed Sperm whale teeth, Elephant ivory, Tiger skins, claws, and teeth. Cameras, Computers, Custom made shoes and designer suits. A McDonalds , next to an exotic French Restaurant, across the street from a Thai food eatery. Bruce Lee's home and interment place? Jackie Chan? How about a left-handed, Rhine-stone studded belly-button brush? Seen one. But those are so mundane. Let me show you a good example of "IT" __________________________________________________

This 24 kt solid gold Bathroom is in the Hang Fung Gold Technology Building. It weights approx 0.9 metric tons and is valued at around $35,000,000.00 US. The owner has threatened to melt it down if the price of gold goes high enough. Though this item may no longer exist. It shows that you can find anything in Hong Kong.
From the Floating City of Aberdeen, to the Shopping centers of the Wan Chai. From the Walled City of Kowloon with an authentic Australian pub called Ned Kelly's Last Stand" to the spectacular views from the top of Victoria Peak. Not just a meeting point between East and West but also a meeting of antiquity and modern. Extreme Affluence an abject poverty. Capitalism and Communism. Vagabonds and Billionaires. Nomads and homebodies. Five star hotels to flophouse accomodations. You can find anything in Hong Kong. From the latest video games to black tar heroin. You may have to look hard to find some things, and others you shouldn't be looking for at all. A word to the wise: If you can't tell a diamond from a moonstone, buy in the big stores. The street vendors may look honest but you really can't judge. and if you get ripped-off, you'll never re-find the person to report the incident. Oh yeah! There is no such thing as a $100.00 Rolex. Not even in Hong Kong. But you also must know the laws of your homeland. Just because you legally bought a Rhinoceros Horn in Hong Kong, doesn't mean you may own it when you get back home.
So, if you find time to take a vacation. But can't decide on where. May I suggest HONG KONG?


My ADHD Me said...

I answered your question very nicely and professional on my post. In firefighter talk, however, a Screaming ALPHA is what you have directly prior to a Crispy Critter.

Not sure of the answer to the second question, but I put what I thought it was on my post.

If firefighters didn't have a bazaar sense of humor, they wouldn't be able to sleep a night.

2Thinks said...

Have never considered Hong Kong, now- thinking about it.

Went to school w/a fella who spent 27 years in the Navy working on subs- Roger Crandall. Know him?

Spent my spring break this past year in Wilmington- fun beach town.

2Thinks said...

I appreciate the correction. BAHN- sigh. Thank you. I will change it in the post, in fact. I hate being wrong.

You scared me with the "if you can keep her alive, you can grow anything." bit, it's beginning to seem to me that perhaps I will not be able to keep her alive.

I like knowing the truth, so thanks once again also for informing me of the sex of this plant.


Heart2Heart said...


It is an interesting place from everything I have read and probably am missing so much more. Definitely not on my lists of places to visit because it is so busy and crowded and I hate busy and crowded as I grow older. I love open spaces and small towns. So you can see my dilemma in going right?

Love what you have written especially about the "Sounds to good to be true probably is not real!"

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Blasé said...

You can take the man out of the Tar Heel...but you can't take the Tar Heel out of the man.

"American by Birth, Tar Heel by the grace of God"

Edie said...

Rhine-stone studded belly-button brush... Now there's something I'd like to own. LOL!

Tobi doesn't like peanut butter.
Love the Super Soaker idea!

Gotta Have Faith said...

Okay I am left handed and I am pretty sure it is just labeled that way. But the Left Handed, Rhine-stone studded Belly button brush is interesting! I would love to visit much of China and Japan, but doubt if I will ever get the chance to afford to go. Plus Kat is not much of a fan of crowded spots.

Cool lookin place though!

Kelly Combs said...

well, Chinese food is my favorite...but I've never been outside of the USA.