Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There are two people who know this story, besides myself. I shared it in confidence with them, because the pressure was more than I could take. I asked them not to tell anyone else, out of respect to the gravity of the situation. A human being's life was precariously hanging in the balance beam. You may think of the BLOG-O-SPHERE as your private play ground, where you are free to run slip shod over everyone else in an effort to

In reality, this is serious business, with real, lives and people attached to the blogs they leave here for you to read. The one man who needs to see this has refused to read me anymore. And has ordered his followers to boycott my blog. But this is a story that must be told. If you are one of the two people who have promised to never share this info, you are now released from that promise.

It started with a picture. It wasn't quite as graphic as this picture,
But just as alarming, if you knew anything about the nightmares that haunt some of the warriors who provide the freedoms you take for granted. The blogger who posted the picture wrote how he didn't think he could take his current situation for very much longer. I lost my younger brother and 5 other, very close personal friends, in exactly this same fashion. And when I got to his blog that morning, my heart broke. I couldn't just go and not say something. So I left a comment that said something to the effect of:

"Man, that photo is not one bit funny. Get some help. I have lost family and friends this way, and it sucks. Go to youtube and listen to the song 'MALIBU' by Courtney Love, and then go read this blog (NOT SHARING THIS ADDRESS), written by a person who is dealing with the aftermath of a successful suicide."

Later that same day my blog got an ANONYMOUS comment, saying; 

Anonymous said...

    I told you your attitude sucks and your words are hurtful. Knock it off jack weed
    July 12, 2010 5:17 PM 

 I assumed the blogger himself, or one of his numerous followers, had made the comments. This bothered me greatly. All I've ever said on the blog-o-sphere, until very recently, was meant to be either educational,  humorous or supportive. But never hurtful. 

So I resolved to be more tactful or supportive, and start again. The next day my blog friend wrote a 
"FUCK ME" post, and personally called me out, saying it was his life and he could do and say whatever he felt. So I left him a comment that agreed with him and came back and wrote my LAST CALL, and said my farewells.
You all convinced me to return, I agreed, and and that's when CORNHOLIO started his smug attacks and intimidation routine. He takes great pleasure from chasing others off the 
That brings you current and all Paul Harvey...

 Why Have I told you this?
As it turns out, the person who wrote the blog mentioned above, has left the Blog-o-sphere, for unrelated reasons. He and his wonderful supportive wife are in desperate need of PRAYER. So when your knees hit the floor tonight, please hold this couple up for strength, wisdom, love and justice.

In fact, we need to hold all of our troops and their families up before the LORD. You don't have to be in support of war, to support the warriors. We only do what you tell us to do.


Renee said...

I've been in communciation with D 0 they are fine..just focusing on some things right now that need their full attention. Thanks for sending our the call for prayer!

Heff said...

3 years ago my Dad committed suicide with a F*in SHOTGUN, of all things. Although I feel your pain, I also think people have the right to post whatever they want to (albeit perhaps in bad taste), and we all have to choose individually who and who not to view or follow.

Just my 2 cents.

2Thinks said...

I haven't been in the Blogosphere since I read your Last Call farewell on my blog. Decided to check in just now and it seems you've just recently returned yourself. I'm glad. Maybe I can reboot now too. It was surprising to me how depressing it was to read you wouldn't be writing anymore.

I'm sorry about this individual's situation. I have held him up in prayer per your fb request- at least I assume it was the same person.

Everyone needs compassion, grace and the Savior.

Welcome back Galactica- where'd you get the starry background? I like it.


SusanD said...

Have been praying since the call went out. And, praying here...for you there. Blessings, SusanD

Red Shoes said...

I have a sister old enough to be my Mother... she married this fellow who fought in WWII in Europe... he was on Omaha Beach on 06/06/44... and in Belgium during Christmas '44 (Battle of the Bulge).

His issues developed when he got older. My sister would tell me that she could no longer have anything on the TV that even hinted at war, much less anniversary dates of D-Day...

Many of the soldiers may come home, but more often than not, they bring a part of their Hell with them...

They deserve more than they get...


John McElveen said...

A lot of times I don't want to play anymore. I don't think I could personally co mitt suicide- but I will never ever pass judgment on anyone that does. I don't have that good of a college-- Education!--irony intended.

Thanks KW,

Love ya Bro. We'll hang together!


Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

I read his post as well. I thought what you said was just fine. I hate that he was upset. I hope everything is OK with them and it was kind of you to lift them up in prayer. Thanks for always lifting me up. I always look forward to your comments.

Charlene said...

Man, sometimes I miss ALL the drama and I'm not on drugs, I promise!

Someone recently told me "You just like to stir up shit, don't you?" The answer is no. I was standing up for something that disagreed with them. I'll keep doing that. You can't own another's life or their decision about their life.

CB said...

I too, read his post that day. I also read what your response was and found it caring, supportive.... I am thinking of him and his wife and have been worried since they've dropped their blogs. Thank you for caring and praying for them

Kelly Combs said...

well, you know my feelings on suicide. Folks who want to do it don't threaten it, they do it. Folks who threaten to do it, more often that not want attention. BUT - prayer is the best defense in either situation, so you got that right in my book.

I'm so sorry that all these things have happened at the same time. You are under attack. You must be doing something right, or the devil wouldn't be after you is what I say.

Keep strong, my friend.


You are such a kind soul and kindred spirit I cannot for the life of me understand who anyone could say abad word against you, KW.
Beyond that, as a vet you and all your commrades deserve the highest respect by default.

I have lost 2 blog friends in one month who both were here one minute and died,without warning, overnight.

It certainly puts things into perspective how we mmust all be kind to each other for our words may be the last someone reads. And words are a powerful weapon.

[ I crossed my fingers when I said that. You know why]. :)