Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU...

I have always had a goal to learn one NEW thing everyday. And right here in Blogville, I've met that daily score more times than I can count. I started this blog (short for WEB-LOG) to keep the people who were my support system, in my medical recovery, updated on what I was doing, and how I was progressing. Along the way, my story touched people. Wonderful, caring, compassionate, loving, patient, intelligent people... YOU!
But I have met the challenges and managed to outlive this. And rather than over stay my welcome. I'll just say GOOD BYE!

The NICNACMANIAC taught me about fashion and she put me in touch with the feminine side, that I believed I never had. Thank you Nerina.

 Chatty Kelly, Kat, Edie, Charlotte, 2Thinks, SusanD and Truthsharer taught me more about the LOVE of GOD than I ever learned in church. Thank you ladies.

What Red Said taught me about the secrets of unlocking the benefits of nutrients in common foods and lotions. Thank you Marnie.

 Ms Darkstar taught me the meaning of "PERSISTENCE". Thank you!
I'll still send you the Veterans Day Post...

Ms Anthropy taught me the skill of being patient. Thank you!

Kimberly of GOT BLOG, well she just Rocks. Anyone with freckles is on my list. But a woman with freckles, who likes Clint Eastwood and Nikki Sixx. That makes me want a hug.

My ADHD Me taught me that there is strength in humility. Thank you Dear.

This Old House, taught me how to build and decorate the most beautiful homestead I have ever seen. In one year I watched an old relic, become a DREAM HOME. Thank you Karen.

The RedNeck.Chic, taught me about the beauty in common things that I was so taking for granted. Thank you Robelyn

HEFF taught me how to manscape! Thanks Buddy!

Just Telling It Like It Is Renewed my love for nurses. Thank you Sweetie.

UBERMOUTH taught me that looks can be deceptive. And if you take the time you'll find a heart of gold inside of a rugged person. You Rock Babe...

Becki Jacket taught me that there is hope in the youth of today.

Alice In Wonderland taught me to paint beautiful pictures with words, And introduced me to the life in a small town in England. Then she reached out and lifted me out of the Rabbit hole. I'm still looking for that DOOR MOUSE. Thanks Al.

Wife Of A Wounded Marine, PTSD A CareGiver'sPerspective, Army'sMistress, My Explosive Life and Wife of a Wounded Warrior, ALL taught me the true meaning of COURAGE, STRENGTH and SACRIFICE. And that not all of America's warriors are in uniform. And that all war casualties are not on the BATTLEFIELDS. Thank you Lady Warriors, Thank you so very much...

Tales From My Head taught me the meaning of caring for family. Thank you Christiejolu.

Spikey Zora Jones taught me that the difference between people is only on the outside. Thank you Spike.

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry touched my heart almost every day! She even managed to get me to admit in public, that I had watched the movie "MOMMA MIA." Thank you beautiful lady.

Ophilia, I will miss you most.

To the rest of you:
Thanks for putting up with me.

Words have the power of bullets. And just because you can't see the wound, doesn't mean they didn't cause irreparable damage. I know that I am an acquired taste. And that at times I sound flippant or sardonic. You may have even been offended by me at times. Welcome to the real world. In America, you have the right to be offended by everything I say...

But, at no time did I ever intend to be hurtful, in either my posts or my comments. And if I was hurtful or disrespectful, for that I APOLOGIZE. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART I APOLOGIZE. Forgiveness is on your terms and at your leisure.

The Mr SPOCK in me, says:

The BILL & TED in me, says:

The Bob Dylan in me, says:

The GOD fearing Christian in me, says:

The Sailor in me, Says:

The Warner Bros. in me, says:

And like they say in Louisianna:


CB said...

what? You can't leave, your blogs have been a source of comfort, knowledge, and humor at times. I appreciate your honesty and your insight. Please don't go....

Charlotte said...

Hi Kurt,

Say it ain't so. Because I for one really do hope that you change your mind.

This tired old world need alot more warriors like yourself helping to fight this battle.

That nasty comment yesterday posted on your blog just illustrates how mean spirited some folks can be. It's not against you -- it's against all of us who believe in the Red, White and Blue. Don't let em win.

So if you you must take a break then do it. Chill out for a while and then come back. I get all this - believe me I do. And if you do decide to hang up this blog thing up -- then I'll miss you dear friend.



Alice in Wonderland said...

Kurt, you just can't leave like this!
We all need a part of you, whether it be information, or help, or guidance, you are always a source of comfort.
Troubles come and go in our lives, but we get through them. Take a break if you feel like you need one, but please don't stop blogging.
Together we will find that Door Mouse.
Big, big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Don't go...We love you!

Kelly Combs said...

No, No, No, No!!!! Kurt?!?! I don't know whose feelings your hurt, (if anyone) but I hate that you will stop blogging.

In the words of the guy in the Budweiser commercial, "I love you man!"

Thank you for the fun, friendship and fellowship! xoxo.

Heff said...



If not, it was nice hangin' with you.

Good Luck with whatever the future holds for you.

Renee said...

Please's you who have encouraged and taught us along the way! Only leave because you are tired of blogging and have nothing more to share or learn..otherwise don't be a sissy!

Karen said...

I sure hope this isn't because of some insensitive a**.

If you're just plain tired of blogland, well then that's a good enough reason but you''ll sure be missed.

Stay, why don't ya.

Karen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heart2Heart said...


Seriously, I have known you since you were a baby blogger and look how many followers you have gained in the process. You have to reconsider and think about continuing on in the blog world.

Yet if God has called you in another direction, no one can stand in your way but to say you'll be missed, and loved and can't wait to see you on the other side.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

PTSD, A Caregiver's Perspective said...

I have only just gotten to know you, and now you are leaving? Please reconsider, your decision.

Maybe just take a short break.

I will be logging on to your blog every day to check to see if you have changed your mind.

I have felt like throwing in the towel on the blogging world many times, especially if I thought I said something hurtful.

The problem with typing words is you cannot convey "tone" or readily back up your comments with context to clarify your position.

I will not say good-bye, just "until we meet again."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

SUCKS TO BE YOU! Just saying.

Jo said...

No, No, No........! You can't go.........! What the heck happened??? I will have to go back and read the last post. I must have missed something. I don't have time to visit my favorite blogs every day, but I always enjoy reading your blog.

Don't go.....!


Marnie said...

Well Kurt, I'm certianly going to miss your posts. Your blog was always great to read. Yet I understand that change is sometimes needed to move forward. So I hope you have fun with you next venture :0) Keep intouch on FB I would love to still hear from you.

Big hugs,
Marnie xx

P.S. Anonymous needs to grow a pair.

Jo said...

Kurt, I just read over your last few posts, and obviously "Anonymous" is a very troubled person. All you have to do is delete his comments. I have had comments like that on my blog too, and I just delete them. Don't let one ignoramus drive you away.

NicNacManiac said...

Hey there Anonymous,
Not only are you a chicken *h*t that you won't let us see who you are, but you can't even spell!
Leave my baby Kurt alone....look what's happening now...come on Kurt, surely you are not going to let this nameless faceless, brainless whatever stop you from making me Smile bigger than ever or think deeper than I knew was possible or realize the strength and courage that is within all of us has no boundaries!
Oh my goodness...take a break...yaaa...that's it...take a break and when you miss us all so terribly that you think about us'll be back...I know are always telling us to have faith...well..I have faith that you will be back...and when you return...we'll be here...cause we love ya babe!!!
My heart is ya big time...peace out xOxO Nerina

Betty said...

Kurt, what am I reading here??

Oh NO!! Please stay!!!
I'll miss you sooo much, my dear friend!!
Just so you know you're my inspiration!
I'd always love getting your lovely comments :)
Thanks so much for your wonderful words about me!
I'll miss you immensely!!!!
PLease STAY!

Red Shoes said...

If 'Anonymous' was really smart, its spelling would be better.

I hope you change your mind though, and stay...


red.neck chic said...

In the words of the redneck you know you are you're saying that you "got 'er dun"?

I'm going to miss you - please don't go. You swooped in and stole my heart...

If I duct tape you to your blog will that make you stay? Uhmmmm... bribery? Hmmmm.... let me think on this.

I love you and I'm gonna miss you big time.

Sad in Texas (but jammin' to the Eagles now!),

Ms. Anthropy said...

I know you are a stronger person than to let a disagreeable commenter make you stop blogging. You and I, both, would have stopped long ago, if that were the case. If you truly are going to stop blogging, I hope you will hang onto my email address and stay in touch. I need to know which shade tree to find you relaxing under.

Please, please stay in touch, my very dear, trusted friend.

Love, hugs and tears,
Ms. A

(you know my name, and where to find me)

*big tears and choking sobs*

Anonymous said...

Instead of leaving permanently, why not take a blog break?? I agree with everyone on here when I say don't take off!

Dutch donut girl said...

As you can see, you have a lot of fans. This is a sad day for many, but obviously the right thing for you?

All of the very best in your future escapades.
Happiness to you & your family.

samurai said...

God bless you brother. May God go with you, and when He welcomes you home may you find that rest that only a warrior dreams of.

Katherine Jenkins said...

Hi Kurt,

I appreciate your presence here. Yes, it has been real, it has been fun, just like you said! So why go? It seems like everyone here wants you around longer, that's for sure! Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my blog. I'm happy Marnie put us in touch and I only wish the best for you.

Much peace,

MsDarkstar said...

I read the farewell post whilst still at work, not the best planning on my part. I managed to keep myself pulled together because I was at work. But since I got home I've pretty much "lost it".

I don't usually feed the trolls but if this Anonymous character is what is causing you to leave the blogosphere I will state for the record that I hate him/her with all of my heart. And I am not one who takes the word "hate" lightly.

If you're leaving because you've said your peace and have other ways in which to work your magic, then I still refuse to say Goodbye and will simply say "Until we meet again, my friend".

I'll miss you more than there are words for.

peedee said...

Oh NO!! I just found you Kurt!! Please don't go!

Ok, Ok.........The surface warriors are better than the air warriors! There I said it! (just dont tell my kid I said it) Will you stay now???

I'm bummed now. =(

Anonymous said...

Your lips to God's ear my friend. You know me.

Just telling it like it is said...

What are you trying to do to me...make me tear up? okay I did don't tell anyone...and you taught me that freedom of speech is important and that no matter if I agree with it or not you have as well as others have fought for me so that I could have that opinion! My heart will always be with you!

2Thinks said...

I feel a shock wave reverberating through the blogosphere tonight. This won't be the same without you. Already isn't. Thanks for the tribute. Though, really, I am ever indebted to you for serving for me. Above all- keep seeking Truth. I'll be doing the same. See ya one day soon and oh what a day that will be!

Much love,
Heidi in Michigan

My ADHD Me said...

Today is the first day in about a month that I have even checked my blog. I wondered what was pulling me to it but now I know. Thanks to God for guiding me to the computer after such a long time away.

Thank you for all you have given in your life.

You truly are a hero.

I keep tying and then erasing what I type because it sounds like a eulogy.

Take care of yourself my friend, and know that you made a difference.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

oh warrior man...I too have thought of closing shop. It's the world demands that steal my time. I do love to write and read all of in particular. You so much to teach me, though you don't think you have done so in your posts but you have. In your sentences and between the line of sentences as well.

I am going to be sad. But I will not forget you. you are one of those bloggers that one will always are a wonderful man. Your time with me was short...but I learned so much.

knowing you were here kept the balance. I haven't yet learned all there is to know about you and your travels...and all the people you have met. To lose that make my eyes water. But I also understand your heart.

I will truly miss warrior man. (((MWUAH)))

Kimberly said...

Talk about pulling the rug out from under someone.

"May you find yourself where water runs uphill, where rainbows wait for rain and the lies they tell about Texans are true".

Be well my friend & know you will be well missed.

Blasé said...

Nobody blogs forever. I'll eventually stop one day, but I'm having too much fun with too many Cool Peeps over at by Blog, for now.

Keep Grand Funkin'!

Anonymous said...

Come on man. Can't you see how much you mean to all these people?
Check you email man??!!!???

Senorita said...

I still don't understand your reasoning by saying goodbye, but you will be missed.

I've learned that bloggers often come and disappear, so it's all part of the blog world.

Be well and I hope we'll see you around sometime.

Edie said...

Darn I always manage to show up late!

I don't know what prompted this decision but I sincerely hope you're following God's lead and not falling for an enemy attack Mr Warrior. :)

I haven't been around the blog world much at all lately since life is calling me in too many directions these days but I'm glad I made it by today.

Since you have posted after this I'm inclined to believe that you have had a change of heart. That would make the blog world very happy indeed.

In either case I will miss you my friend since I still won't be around much, at least for a while.

Behave yourself cause I'm keeping that ruler nearby just in case. :D

Much love to ya my friend.


Anonymous dick needs to come to my blog for lessons. man, I am meaner than that when I am trying really,really hard to be nice! Pussy!