Tuesday, July 6, 2010

There he goes again!


For my Non-American readers:
These posts are not directed at you. As you may or may not know, there is a political progressive movement in the US. And they have been busy changing what we think about ourselves, in order to change America. Well it stops today!

The Military!
Ever since the the last World War, The progressives in America have been critical of the US Armed forces. It wasn't just the Hippies and the peace-niks. Anti-Americanism  and the Academia had focused their efforts to protest against THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. It was the defacto Enemy of The People. "Every dollar spent on a bullet was a dollar that could have been used to feed the hungry!"
Was the slogan!
The logic was flawless. And how could you disagree, without sounding like a heartless greedy miser?
The fact was that you could have said the same thing about everything the government spent money on. But it might then roll over on to something that  you needed more than you thought you needed the military.
"Every dollar spent on: Police/Fire Fighters/Space exploration/street repair/prison/interstate highways, was a dollar that could have been spent to feed the hungry...
Without the military there would be no one to nfeed anyone...

I served in the US Navy during the Viet Nam War. And I remember the Anti-War protesters at San Francisco Airport calling me names and spitting at everyone in uniform.

"But, we're not like that anymore."

As recently as last Memorial Day! I read a blog post that Stated "I'm not proud to be an American. Can you name one good war we have been involved in since WWII?"

Quick! Somebody go Blasé tell I'm talking about him.

Well if the only news you see comes with the letters N B C in the name. Then No! You can't. But in today's world of instant access to uninterrupted information, there is no excuse for this to continue. 
Supposedly the Viet Nam War was an act of aggression. In which The United States was trying to expand Imperialism and claim new lad in Indo-China. Really? Was it all the rice they had? The Jungles? The Beach front Property? When The French took possession of Vietnam, That was extending Imperialism. But when The French abandoned the region, a power vacuum existed. And The Democrat President, John F. Kennedy took us to the brink of  disaster in Vietnam. And on the eve of destruction In Cuba! Do we own those places today? NO! Is it because we couldn't defeat those little places? Again, NO!

The truth is America was asked into the fray by the South Vietnamese Government because they didn't want to live under the yoke of collectivism.

Then we were told that Iraq had invaded Kuwait. And again you sent me to help. And with the largest troop movement since June 6, 1944 Operation Desert Shield/Storm, we freed the Kuwaitis from their captors.

Again we went against the popular opinion and invaded Iraq again. This time to find weapons of mass destruction. But we found no WMDs. So our President GW must be a liar. Ponder this for a moment. Would anyone cry havoc and set loose the dogs of war, just to be remembered as a great President? Well, How'd that work out? "Well it was a war for the Oil!" 
OH YEAH, OIL! That's he ticket...
The price of oil has dropped significantly since we took over that IRAQ! Oh, wait! No it hasn't. The fact of the matter is that the Iraqis had and used WMDs and you saw it on TV... The news broadcasts of the time showed footage of Iraqi families who had been killed by nerve gas. Prior to our involvement in Iraq.

The footage is available on Youtube. Go look it up. I choose not to post that here.

The Truth of the matter is that every military action we have engaged in since WWII has been a righteous cause Mr BlaséWe stand against tyranny! Whether it is the Tyranny of Extremist Theocracy, the tyranny of Imperialism. Or the tyranny of collectivism. America's fighting forces answer the call for freedom. And you should be glad they do.

Here... Watch this:

I'm from CALIFORNIA... And My Governor can Whoop your governor!

I got more on this topic of whats great about America!


Uncle Sam's Mistress said...

Good post! (insert applause here)Most of what people are saying about the "reasons" of war is purely based on garbage and ignorance. I don't even pay attention anymore to it!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know my Governor is pretty ballsy! LOL! But your Governor is the Terminator so there will be few who can argue with you...Hey I gave you an award...Kind of silly but I am dying to know your answers!

Ms. Anthropy said...

I didn't think you hung out there anymore.

Heart2Heart said...


It's funny how the media will only portray news that sells in their opinion and not what is really going on. In talking to the men and women that are returning, they are proud to serve this mighty country of ours despite what people here or on the news and media have to say.

I think actors and musicians should stick to acting and music and stay out of the political areas.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Alice in Wonderland said...

I'm English, as you know, and we have returning soldiers being spat on too!
You know my feeling about this.

Sorry I've not had a chat today, but my computer has been playing up. I can't leave or make comments, and the same has been happening with mails. Everything seems to be back to normal now though, so I'll chat with you tomorrow.
Take care, big hugs!

Senorita said...

You know what I can't stand ? People that bitch about how they're so ashamed to be American. And they're so offended by the military.

I wish those people would go and move somewhere else, see what life is really like in other place. Yet these whiners continue to live here.

Heff said...

You do a GREAT job of this.

Carry On.