Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trouble In Paradise

San Diego, California.
San Diego is the second largest city in the state, right behind  L.A. And the 5th largest in the US. San Diego has a population of 1,279,329. This coastal city is also the county seat of San Diego County as well as the economic center of the San Diego–Carlsbad–San Marcos Metropolitan Area 
San Diego is also the largest city of The US, Southern Border with Mexico, and is the region's western anchor. The city was rated the fifth best place to live in 2006 by Money Magazine. According to Forbes the city of San Diego ranks as the fifth wealthiest in the United States. San Diego's biggest industries are manufacturing, military, and tourism.
San Diego's economy is largely composed of agriculture, biotechnology/biosciences, computer sciences, electronics manufacturing, defense-related manufacturing, financial and business services, ship-repair, ship-construction, software development, telecommunications, wireless research, and tourism. The presence of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with the affiliated UCSD Medical Center promotes research in biotechnology.

If you visit our lovely city, you can find almost anything climate wise, you heart could desire. From the Balmy Coastal white sand beaches, to the arid scorching sands of The Borego Desert. From the high Chaparral of East County. To the Snow covered Cuyamaca Mountains. It's a sportsman's paradise. The unofficial world's largest bass was caught and released here, at Lake Dixon in 2006. 
In 1988 the world's eyes were focused on San Diego, as Dennis Connor and his 12 meter "STARS AND STRIPES" recaptured and defended The America's Cup.

But the one thing you won't find in any travel brochure, or visitor guide, is that there are 2706 registered sex offenders. This number does not include the individuals who were convicted of "Public Nudity" or caught peeing in the bushes, mooning, flashing or convicted of prostitution. Those numbers are in the tens of thousands.

No these 2706 people are in a class of their own; "Sexual Predators." And recently one of those special people has been making the national news scene, when he was arrested and charged with the Rape and Murder of a teen age girl named Chelsea King. This, and the discovery of the skeletal remains of another missing teenager named Amber Dubois, has everyone in San Diego asking "Why?" 
"Why did this happen?"
"Why was this known child molester still walking around?"
"Why didn't the police keep better tabs on him?"
"Why doesn't the justice system keep those predators incarcerated?"
"Why not require Child Molesters to carry a GPS tracker?"
"Why don't we have a "One Strike, and you're out" LAW?"
And "What?"
"What do I tell my children?"
"What will the government do to prevent a repeat?"
"What about the other 2705 of those freaks?"
"What about those who are still in Atascadero State Hospital?"

These are all good questions. But there are no fast and easy answers. Unless you deputize 50% of the population, there won't be enough police to monitor all the possible next offenders. A GPS Tracker will not tell you anything about a threat before it happens. Unless all the possible victims are monitored at the same time. Hell's Bells. There aren't enough police to take all the accident reports any time it rains in San Diego. And with the City Employee's Union holding the politicians hostage with their ridiculous pension benefits, it would take a 125% income tax on city residents to pay someone to monitor such a system, if it already existed. And it does not. 

A new law will accomplish nothing. It is already against the law to molest children in San Diego.And still it continues. The threat of punishment holds no weight with these miscreants. Even the Death Penalty is a joke in California. On 11 April 1878 when four Native Americans were shot in San Diego County for conspiracy to commit murder. These were the first of 709 California executions before the Furman v. Georgia decision of the United States Supreme Court, which found the state's death penalty to be Unconstitutionally vague.
Since 1976, when the Death Penalty was re-instituted, 13 people have been executed by the state. As of 13 August 2009 there are 685 people, including 16 women, on California's "Death Row". 
You're more likely to die crossing the street in California than by the death penalty:

That's an astronomical ratio. 13 ÷ 180,000. That's 7.2 with 38 trailing zeroes.
I won't tell you to stay away from San Diego. I love it here. When I retired from the US Navy, in 1994, I had my choice to settle anywhere in the world. And I picked this place.
But if you plan on becoming a child molester, there are a few things you should consider before coming to San Diego:
1.  You're not the first. Or the last.
2.  Unless you are especially stupid or messy, you won't get caught.
3.  Even if you do get caught, the bleeding heart liberals, will find a way to excuse your behavior. And the lawyers will plea bargain you out.
4.  Don't expect the government to do anything beyond posturing and gesturing. Or enacting yet another law they can't pay for, or won't enforce.
5.  Look both ways before you step into traffic. You may have the right of way! But the odds are not in your favor.
Are you listening Mayor Jerry Sanders? How about you Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger? 


Anonymous said...

Where do I start! My parents read the same BS about Tucson in the 90's that it was the #2 growing city and it was a great place to raise a family. And it was just that BS! This place has so much crime and sex offenders it makes my head spin. And gets me angry. And now the city of Tucson has major unemplyment (As does much of the US I know) and businesses are moving out fast! When I get my degree I am so out of here! Juat maybe not San Diego. LOL!

Heart2Heart said...


I think you speak for a large population that sits well within the state of California no matter what city you reside in. The facts remain that once these individuals are found out, convicted, sentenced, released and now tracked, it doesn't make it difficult for them to repeat their offenses.

Perhaps labeling them with something we can all physically see would make them wonder just how easily they would be discovered or perhaps we seriously need to rethink our punishment processes.

Heaven forbid we went with a Deuteronomy type law of an eye for an eye, but it seems like there is no real deterrent to keep them from doing this over and over.

If you have a chance, please stop by and enter for some last minute giveaways that are ending on my blog this week.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Anonymous said...

Sobering facts in a land of great beauty. Those statistics are horrifying.

Ms. Anthropy said...

Arnold should hire Lorena Bobbit.

Anonymous said...

Those statistics aren't limited to you.... Have you checked out ours? I'm from South Africa, and what we see/experience/live through everyday is just as bad.
Humanity has lost it's humanitarian side - all for one, and everyone for himself.
It's sad.

2Thinks said...

Am currently reading The Slave Next Door by Bales about sex trafficking in the U.S. and abroad. This post reminds me of the appalling statistics in the book. Someone please say it isn't so. But the world is drowning in a sexual sickness that needs a remedy that money cannot buy and brains cannot invent- a cure that I believe can only be found in- does anyone know the answer?

Edie said...

I was going to say it even before I read that 2 Thinks asked...
... Jesus is our only hope.