Monday, March 29, 2010


Too much mustard on a Corn Dog.
Too many freckles.
Enough Horse power.
A stupid question.
Too many bullets.
Being too smart.
Too much prayer.
All the shrimp I can eat.
Too many friends.
A big enough boat.
Music playing too loud.
Too many motorcycles.
Enough cute baby ducks.
Too much pepperoni on a pizza.
Too many Rodney Dangerfield jokes.
Enough smiles.
Enough tattoos.
Too much coconut cream pie.
A big enough vanilla milk shake.
Being fathered to death.
Too many Three Stooges Marathons.
More than you paid for.
Being too blessed.
Over estimating a child's ability.
Giving too much of your love.
An end to God's great love and mercy...


Ms. Anthropy said...

You left coffee of the list. Please don't tell me you don't drink coffee!

mac said...

Thee is no such thing as too many bikes.
Absofrikinlutely correct!

That stupid question one reminds me so much of my Drill Sargeant, right before he yelled at me :-)

Good list over-all. I, however, refuse to eat shrimp. It's water bugs! Spit it out, man. Spit. It. Out !

Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

Your age is showing! You left off "Too Much Sex!"

Senorita said...

No such thing as stupid questions, just stupid people.

I love mustard. Can never have too much mustard !

Anonymous said...

LOL to Middle Aged Woman..

And YES..there is such thing as a stupid question or two or three or 100. :-)

Great list.

2Thinks said...

Thank goodness there is no such thing as a stupid question.

I like the last one best!

Kelly Combs said...

Coffee!! Yes!

Heart2Heart said...

I have to agree with you that there honestly can never be too much pepperoni on the pizza. I mean just how do you order it so it's stacked on top of one another! Yum, OK, I've made myself hungry now!

Love this list and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me such wonderful comments and for your never ending prayers.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kimberly said...

I disagree with freckles...I have way too many.


I like the freckles one as I have too many! :)