Friday, March 5, 2010


I would like to let everyone know a little bit more about me.

Somewhere  over there                                              =====>
You'll find my email address. Please feel free to send me a message at
anytime. But this is the E-Mail address I use to register when I
communicate with Black Hat Security experts. So I might take
awhile to get back to you. But I will...

I read each and every comment you make on my posts. I rarely respond. But I read them all. Positive or negative; feedback is highly encouraged. And both are equally respected and helpful. In the spirit of "Free Speech" I will never delete your comments or repeat what you send me in E-Mail, without specific permission.

Whenever you decide to comment about the US military I demand you be respectful. All the slang names you have heard used in the movies are reserved for use only by other Military members. Not everyone in the Navy is a Top Gun Pilot, or in the Submarine service or on a SEAL Team. Not every member of The Air Force is a Pilot. Some of them never even get in a plane. Not everyone in The Army is a Green Beret. Not every Marine is a Force Recon Team member. Those Warriors are members of Special Forces. Don't ever pretend to be one of them. You're masquerade will not work. And it is punishable by law. And if you never served in the Military, Don't pretend to be that either.

When making reference to:

US Coast Guard; members are Guardsmen. Not Coasties Not Puddle Pirates Not Knee Deep Navy.
US Marne Corps; members are Marines. Not Jarheads. Not Devil Dogs. Not BAMs.
US Air Force; members are Airmen. Not Fly Boys. Not Airedales. Not The Chair Force.
US Army; members are Soldiers. Not Grunts. Not GIs. Not Dog Faces.
US Navy; members are Sailors.  Not Squids. Not Swabbies. Not Bubble Heads. Not Skimmers.
Those nick names are reserved for use by members only. It will not endear you or make you one of us. And if you do it to the wrong person, you may get your Dental Plan activated.

Don't disrespect our flag. You have the right to express your beliefs about the Flag. But every military member serves under it. Salutes it. Carries it with reverence. And has one draped over their coffin before burial. And it is handed to the surviving family as the last element of the military funeral service. The Red Stripes are the blood of patriots, who shed their blood so that you could enjoy the Freedoms you have.
Your FREEDOM OF THE PRESS is protected by the military. Not the News Writers.
Your FREEDOM OF RELIGION is protected by the military. Not the Clergy.
Your FREEDOM OF SPEECH is protected by the military. Not the poets and artists.

I am not a hyphenated American. Our enemies who attacked America on September 11, 2001 did not attack Conservative-Americans, Liberal-Americans, Black-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, European-Americans, Christian-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Islamic-Americans, Non Religious-Americans, Canadian-Americans, Poor-Americans, Rich-Americans, Military-Americans, Civilian-Americans, Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Punk Rock-Americans, Straight-Americans, Gay-Americans, Communist-Americans, Anarchist-Americans, Non Political-Americans, Academic-Americans, American Idols or Anti-Americans. Just being an American has painted a BULL'S EYE on your chest. Our enemy has defined us as a target, The same way the NAZIS defined their targets. You can't even go join the Taliban and be sure your heritage will go unnoticed..

I am a Christian. But not your garden variety Christian. I believe in the Death Penalty. And I can back it up with the Bible, Old and New Testament. I am an Evangelist. I don't look like Billy Graham. But I get email from him and his son on a regular basis. I won't nag you about your Faith. I spread the seeds. Some land on fertile soil and grow. Some fall on the rocks, and never take root. Still others land among the Thistles and are choked out before they can sprout. I spread the Gospel because God commands it.
I believe in and practice intercessory prayer. No amount of me talking to you will ever pursued you to truly believe in God. Or get you to accept the gift of Salvation offered through His Son Jesus. I believe there is a Heaven. And there is nothing you or I can DO TO EARN Entrance there.
I believe Religion is responsible for some of the most horrendous events in mankind's history. I believe that Science and Academia are responsible for an equal number of atrocities. But just because people have misused the these institutions is no reason to not embrace God or Knowledge.

Liking me is not a requirement. Nor is agreeing with me. I am an extrovert. I am gregarious. I do a pretty good stand up routine  on FaceBook. But I don't need attention to get along. I'm one of those people who could do 20 years in solitary confinement, standing on my head. I am the most self critical person you have ever known. You can't think of me as anything that I haven't already thought about myself. But if I call you friend, realize it is a life long commitment of my heart. And if I call you my BROTHER or my SISTER, it means I would die to defend you. Seriously and literally.

The name KRIPPLEDWARRIOR is real. I have been to war. And I am Crippled. The doctors did everything possible. But I lived anyway. No one has ever been where I have gone and come away without being changed by the experience. My entire blog tells this story. All the details in my endeavors to survive are chronicled in this blog. And if you want to throw me a pity party I won't attend.

Thank you for spending a little time with me today!


MsDarkstar said...

Thank you for the proper names for servicepersons. I have a nephew who is a Navy SEAL (but I still remember him as a bratty 6 year old!)

I find your blog very interesting. I don't always agree with what you say, but it's your blog and you can say anything you like here. If I don't like it, you aren't MAKING me read and I can always just come back another day.

Keep on doing what you do. I learn a great deal reading your blog!

Kelly Combs said...

It is a an honor and a priviledge to visit your blog and call you my brother.

NicNacManiac said...

Well...I have enjoyed learning a bit about you. #6 is as though it were written by me and about me!! We are more alike than you realize!
It was a pleasure spending a little time with you today!!
Happy Friday Sweet Friend! xOxO

My ADHD Me said...

I LOVED reading this. It was a privilege getting to know you better.
We have a lot in common and I have agreed with almost everything I have read at your blog, although I couldn't have said it as eloquently. And I agree 100% about the death penalty.
I learned something here today. I knew that those military names were sacred and were to be used by members only, except for GI. That's when I realized that I didn't even know what GI stands for. I googled it and found a few different answers but it appeared like these 2 were the most common. Government Issue and Galvanized Iron. Is this correct?

Blasé said...

I thought for sure there would be an 8th

something about Grand Funk Railroad...

mac said...

Well, I was a soldier in the 3rd ID. I was a mechanic and a crew cheif on Blackhawks, back in the early days when they crashed a lot... I swear, none of that shit was my fault.

I'm not a christian. But, I'm cool with whatever you want to be.

Anyone that likes to ride can't be all bad ;-)

Edie said...

Amen to #3 and 4!!
You're alright in my book. :)
So, what should I not call a Flying Tiger?


Blasé said...

I like what 'mac' had to say. He seems like a Thinking MoFo.

Hey Dude, "krippledwarrior" has a negative connotation to it. I don't like it, but that's just me.

Harley Hippie is ALL positive. Show me a Tar Heel Harley Hippie, and I'll show you someone you can depend on.

Your Grandmaw was smart enough to realize that....and of course Blasé is smart enough to know that (he is smarter than his teachers)...

end of story, close the damn book.

Blasé said...

Hey Mac!

Saying you're "not a christian" no more makes you not one, than when someone claims to be a christian, makes them one.

SWEET JESUS... somebody STOP ME!

mac said...

I think Jesus said it.

"If you ain't with me, you're against me"

Sir, when I say I'm no christian, I'm pretty sure of it.

Blasé said...

Yo Mac,

I like that you're thinking...let's think a lil' more.

Depending on what Jesus meant when he said-"If you ain't for/with me, you're against Me" clear cut, again, depending on what he meant by it. Peter was "against" him for a spell...

Using the term "christian" is subjective and interpreted differently from one person to another.

You may not believe there is a Creator/God, but someone could perceive you as a "christian" by your actions or whatever they use to determine 'christian'.

The problem with us humans is that we attempt to make everything cut'n dry with words/terms. Assuming their is a Creator, he/she/it would likely know what we really are (assuming he is our creator)...and our 'claims' surely wouldn't fool him or determine what we are.

But, I'll go ahead and take your word for it ;D

Marnie said...

This is why I like your posts...they are extremely interesting and enjoyable to read. You put a lot of thought into your posts.

red.neck chic said...

I like what Blase' said, "someone could perceive you as a "christian" by your actions or whatever they use to determine 'christian'."

I was raised in several Churches (gotta love the small town Southern Baptists!) and could not get away from the hypocrisy, small-minded, judgmental and general "falseness" fast enough. I came to the conclusion that it's not where you worship so much as how you worship. How you live your life, how you don't fold and loose your faith in God. Make your life your witness instead of (or in partnership)with your words. That's just my opinion... and how do you define Christian? Does everyone have a different definition? You know how you can take one single verse out of the bible - each morning - and it seems to be the perfect verse because it SO suits your needs on that morning? How each verse can be interpreted differently by each individual - to suit ones life and the situations they are facing? Do people take the definition of Christian, shift it around to suit the way they are living their life?

Wow... now I'm all philosophical with only 2 cups of coffee.

More to the point. I absolutely enjoy knowing these things about you!!! You have me fascinated for sure! I signed the resident teen up for ROTC a few weeks ago in the hopes that the Sargent and I can work together to help the 15 year old body of sarcasm make some wiser choices!!! The hair cut alone made man-child hesitate!

I won't throw you a pity party (don't believe in 'em myself) but if ever our paths do cross I will certainly shoot you a grin and tell you how cool I think you are!

;-D robelyn
Now I'm off for more coffee...

Anonymous said...

You are awesome!

Dutch donut girl said...

Well, nice to meet you.
20 years in solitary confinement? No way, not me. I need my alone time, I don't need or want to be around people 24/7, but solitary confinement would make me depressed.