Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daylight Savings Time

Yes! Tonight at 2:00 AM you must set your clocks ahead one hour to remain in sync with the rest of America. Most normal people will make the time change tonight, before going to bed for the night.

But why???
I have an old friend named Kevin who had a very interesting opinion on that matter. However it must be said that Kevin is an extremely different kind of person. He is a very suspicious person. He is paranoid. But he is not schizoid. He doesn't hear voices telling him to do things. He has no auditory or visual hallucinations. He just has a very deep seated distrust of humans. If you saw him in public you would not be impressed by him in any direction. But you would never see him in the same place two days in a row. He has several routes to every destination. And he never returns the same way he came. Even if it's just to pick up some bread. Just in case someone IS following him.

But inside Kevin's home is where you'll see how much effort he really puts into his personal security. His doors and windows have locks. But so does his refrigerator and pantry. Once he enters his home he balances a beer bottle upside down on the top of his door knobs so that if anyone tries to jiggle the knob, the bottle will fall to the floor. I have sworn to my friend Kevin to state nothing of what he does after the bottle falls.

He does not wear a tin foil hat. But he does believe there are people interested in reading our thoughts. And whenever Kevin turns off his television set, he unplugs the power cord also. It has nothing to do with fire safety. It is a hold over from the 60s. When TV sets had vacuum tubes. Back in those days the power supply kept some of the tubes turned on so that the TV would come on faster. Those tubes would glow and the light could be seen through the ventilation holes in the back of the set. And Kevin was sure that the TV was still on and could be used to watch him. Similar to the way a CB radio could transmit and receive. The invention of the transistor and solid state circuitry made the glowing tubes unnecessary. But 40 years later Kevin still unplugs his TV when it is not being used to receive a signal.

I had to tell you that so that I could tell you this. In 1975 Kevin told me that daylight saving time was a conspiracy by the powers behind the throne to do away with "Drive-In-Theaters." It had nothing to do with what time farmers went to bed. But those DRIVE INs were a cesspool or immorality. And they were corrupting the moral values of the American youth. I asked him how changing the time would accomplish this goal. And Kevin told me that the movies would not be able to start until it was dark enough. And in the prime of summer, the movies wouldn't be able to start until 9:00 PM or later. And by 9PM most people would have found something else to do. I laughed at Kevin's suspect theory and he reminded me of the fact that harvesters and combines have huge lighting systems and are capable of working 24-7.

I shrugged off his assessment then. But, about this time every year, from then until now, Kevin asks me; "Been to a DRIVE-IN lately?" Whatever you choose to believe about why? Be sure to set your clocks ahead tonight.


Anonymous said...

Most people from that era will tell you they really miss the drive-ins.

And.. It can't be easy being Kevin.

Ms. Anthropy said...

Since my hours of (limited) functionality are normally between the hours of 11 am to 4 or 5 am, I will be awake to lose that hour. More than likely, I will also be awake to gain it back... God willing.

Marnie said...

I'm lucky, my alarm clock and dvr automatically re-sets the time for me. I wonder what your friend would have to say about that :0)))

Thanks for sharing. It sounds like your conversations with your friend are never boring.

Dutch donut girl said...

"He just has a very deep seated distrust of humans."

If only we could take people at face value. Wouldn't it be a nice world if our words and actions were consistent with each other?

Some people will put on a good front and promise and offer the best, but not deliver. After that the "real" person comes out.

I choose to believe that trust is earned not given.

My ADHD Me said...

If he is a friend of yours, I'm sure he is an interesting fellow.

Hhmmm....the drive-in did seem to disappear......

Edie said...

LOL! I liked drive-ins when I was a kid. It was a treat to go in pjs and bring pillows and blankets, and sit on top of the car, and play on the swings during intermission (when you got to see two movies and a cartoon).

I took my daughter and a friend of hers when she was about 8 and they hated it! LOL!

I have a clock that is on a stand and it has a face on both sides. I keep each side set for each daylight savings time so all I have to do is turn the clock around. :)

Have a great week!

2Thinks said...

We go every summer to the drive-in by our vacation spot up north. It's always a double feature but I can never stay awake for both films, so make a comfy bed in the back seat and sleep through the late show.

Just scrolled through your Japan pictures- they are beautiful. It must have taken forever to load those onto the blog. Takes mine forever to load- wonder if I do it wrong or something.

I'd love to sit all day and write, but it's too beautiful outside and I have the privilege of working at the bookstore later. You're probably biking around in the California sunshine.

Loved the music clip above, as well.