Monday, March 8, 2010

Fight or Flight?

 I recently heard one of my local TV news casters say "We'll be showing you how to fight for your life." The woman who had made this outlandish statement was one of those "Pretty Face" types, named Crissy Russo. In all fairness I must say that I do not personally know Ms Russo. And my opinions of her were a stereotype and I was extremely skeptical and said to my wife, "This chick is gonna get people killed." An example would be Doctor Laura, telling everyone via her daily talk show how she had earned her "Black Belt" in karate. Or Katie Couric telling you to use your car keys as a means of defending yourself.

Martial Arts, all martial arts, have a history. Some open and honest  about their purpose. Some steeped in secrecy and tradition. Each has it's advantages and disadvantages. Thus the world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting. PRIDE FIGHTs, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships), WEC (World Extreme Cage fighting). And they have some great fighters. Bob Sapp, Ernesto Hoost, Ken Shamrock, Brock Lesnar, Lyoto Machida, Matt Hughes, Royce Gracie, Takanori Gomi. The list goes on. But none of these Fighting Art forms have a foot hold in reality. They all take years of discipline and training. They have weight classes and RULES for the fight. And every fight starts with both opponents standing, facing each other with empty hands. And there is always a referee standing between them to call a "time out" should someone break a rule or one fighter become unable to defend themselves.

I don't mean to imply those guys can't fight. Or aren't tough. The MMA fights are not choreographed or scripted like Pro Wrestling. They use terms like "Pound for Pound" and "Previously Undefeated." And "Middle Weight." and "Title Defense"

But in a street fight there are no weight classes. No referees. No prize money (unless you consider your wallet a prize). No black belts. No starting bell. And the fight is only over when, the winner decides to quit fighting. And that could be just after they empty your wallet. Empty your house. Take your car. Or take your life. Or just get tired of raping you or kicking the ever lovin' hell out of you.

I have those years of  training and discipline. Karate. Jujitsu. Aikido. American Kempo and one more you probably never heard of. And so maybe you'll understand my concern when I heard Ms Russo say she was going to show you how to "Fight For Your Life." on the 6:30 news. There is one self defense system that doesn't require years and years of  hard dedicated monotonous spiritual training to learn. It does take practice. Practice with a partner. And a little leg work to find a training center. But what were the chances that Ms Crissy Russo, had foud out about "Krav Maga?"

Well she did. I apologize Ms Russo. watch and learn from what she learned. In part 1 of 3 sessions she shows you how to "FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE."
If you want more of this let me know!


Anonymous said...

These are all good. But this is the attacker not fighting too. That is my only thought.

Heart2Heart said...


I found this video so interesting because she tried to use the techniques so many of us women have been taught, and I can see just how flawed they really are like the knife to the throat.

I too would have thought her defense would have worked but I love how they showed just how it wouldn't work.

Guess any women would benefit from taking this class. Well done Kurt. You may have just saved one of our lives! Lets just hope we never find ourselves in need to use it!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

red.neck chic said...

I would take that class!!! As a matter of fact - I'm going to watch the video again!!!

Thank You for sharing it! I'm hittin' play again now...

;-) robelyn

Betty said...

Krippled, I 'm now watching the video..
Thanks so much for your comments.
You must really love the sea:)
So great adventures/years tou had! hard ones though, I suppose..

mac said...

I ahve a Black Belt in TKD.
I respect Krav Maga a lot. One thing I might add that they didn't cover on the video, but I'm sure they do in a personal setting, is never stop fighting.
No matter if it hurts, if you are bleeding, have broken bones, whatever, do not stop fighting back!

When you stop, you die.

Edie said...

I'm interested in seeing the rest. :)