Monday, March 1, 2010

Flu Shot! or Not

In Southern California, the Regularly Scheduled TV programs have been recently interrupted by advertisements urging people to go get a "H1N1 Flu Shot."  Apparently the local county government has spent a lot of tax money and people aren't coming in to get the vaccination. And the commercial says "The shots are 100% safe. And won't give you the flu!"
Well I don't put much stock in conspiracy theories. I believe the magic bullet killed JFK. And Mr. Oswald acted alone. I believe men walked on the moon. And there really is a bogey man! I know and believe that governments don't always have mankind's best interests at heart. But I don't believe the H1N1 shot has some kind of mind control agent in it either.
The H1N1 shot may not give anyone the flu. But there is no TRUTH in the statement 100% safe either.
Check This, and decide for yourselves.

Be Well. Be safe and be blessed.


Dutch donut girl said...

This is tragic.

Only the high-risk groups get the shot over here. So I never got the vaccine, but thousands more people would die every year if the vaccines weren’t used at all.

Karen said...

I opted not to get it, because the truth is, some people are dying from it. I've wondered why they are pushing it so much, and actually have created a bit of a mass hysteria over it.

Reminds of that whole Y2K thing.


The only reason the H1N1 flu vaccine is not safe is because it was eexempt fromm usual government testing due to urgent need.
I wouldn't have it.


* Could you email me,please KW?

Heart2Heart said...

I find it funny as well that even our President and his family refuse to get the shot even though he declared it an emergency for all health care workers to get it.

No thanks, because next year we know the feline or canine flu is coming.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kelly Combs said...

I opted out of the H1N1 shot for me & my kids. But we do get the regular season flu shot.

Hard to know whats right. Gotta just do what you think is best.

2Thinks said...

Yes, I saw that about the poor girl who was affected in this weird way by that shot. No shot for me. I was barely for the kids getting their required shots for school- back when they actually went to school on the big, yellow bus.

So, I can probably go look around on this page for the answer, but do you live in Southern Cal or Carolina? I was just wondering. My 20 year old son is in San Fran.

Oh. And I do have one of those red caped "S" marked guys- it's I.T. He's always saving me from something. (no blue tights)

2Thinks said...

Got cha. I know nothing of either area. Except that Arnold governs.

My ADHD Me said...

That is awful. I just cannot imagine!

Glad I opted out even when my kids school was pushing for it.

Betty said...

I never got the vaccine.It concerns only the high- risk groups.
Have a nice day!
Thanks so much for your comments.

Kimberly said...

I've never taken the flu vaccine that I am aware of & don't plan too and I've never had the flu.