Friday, March 26, 2010


I have two freebies for you.
First is a 100% free BIBLE software From the E4 Group.
Here is their story:

The beginning of E4
In the middle of Bob’s seminary studies we started E4 out of a passion to see God’s church grow into the likeness of Jesus Christ through the equipping of thousands of Christians around the globe with solid Biblical teaching. For the first year we worked out of our single-wide mobile home. It was cramped, but the rent couldn't be beat.
Blessing & Seminary Postponed
We intended that Bob would be done with seminary before the birth of our first child, but Bob had to postpone his studies due to his responsibilities at E4. Starting such a large project was not the best idea for a seminarian, but realizing the great potential to benefit God’s church moved him forward. Bob felt that this CD could reach and impact far more people than he could as a pastor and so with that goal he founded the E4 group with the purpose of returning to seminary to pursue his call to the pastorate as soon as this vision was realized.
More Space & Low Rent
We came to need more space as the birth of Knox approached. Our mobile home was a two bedroom, but we now needed to use Bob’s office for Knox and Bob still needed an office. We also needed some space for warehousing and shipping the CD. God provided a church parsonage with very low rent that gave us enough room for both E4 and our family!
The Workers
To avoid the cost of buying office equipment and computers E4 used paid subcontractors who worked from their homes across the US. At the peak of production we had 45 subcontractors working from their homes doing scanning, proofreading, indexing, tagging and quality control.
Back to School
Once we have our members and the free CD is going out around the world, Bob will be able to return to seminary and pursue his pastoral call.
Thank you for supporting this ministry,
Bob and Lisa
Bob and Lisa Brown

 This software package is excellent for all purpose study, and for reference. It has an internal database search tool and is professional quality from start to finish. It does not work on Apple or Mac. But is compatible with all current versions of Windows. Get started by going to their site You'll be blessed.  

Ever wanted a copy of the most frightening movie ever made? The only thing more shocking than the last 10 minutes of this movie is the first 50 minutes of this movie. 
Sure George A. Romeo's horror classic is truly scary. But how can it be free? you ask.
Excellent question. But I have the answer. And it has nothing to do with piracy I'm all about 100% legal:
In 1968, US copyright law required copyright ownership to be displayed on the actual print of a film (e.g. in the credits). Early prints of Night of the Living Dead had the title Night of the Flesh Eaters, under which was the copyright information. When the title was changed for theatrical release, the distributors apparently failed to include the copyright information - leaving the film uncopyrighted and in the public domain. So it was that the distributors received all the profit from the film, and Romero et al never made a penny from it. This also explains why there are so many different VHS and DVD recordings (mostly of poor quality) available today. Anyone is allowed to make and distribute a copy. 
And you can get a copy at this site:

Be well. Be blessed. And be a blessing.


Marnie said...

I've never seen this I'm curious...

Kelly Combs said...

You always have such interesting iformation! Thanks!

Although I am scared of scary movies. So I WILL NOT be seeing that one.

Kelly Combs said...

Okay, seeing there is a typo in my comment, I hesitate to mention, but that first website has a big typo in #2. They spelled receive wrong. Doesn't make it look like a quality operation. Just mentioning. If you know them, should let them know.


That's fascinating to know that. You are a wealth of info KW.
Thank you.