Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sometimes I feel like Telling a Joke...

This story involves two phone calls.
Phone call #1:
"This is the 911 emergency operator. How may I help you?"
A male voice responds. "my name is Johnny and I want to report a crime."
The operator says "Thank you sir, go ahead."
Johnny responds. "A neighbor of mine, Josh Billingsley, has found a way to hide marijuana and cocaine inside the pile of wood stacked up behind his garage."
The operator says "Do you mean he has drugs stashed under a woodpile?"
Johnny yells. "No! He hid the dope inside the logs."
"Inside the logs? Are you sure?" Asked the operator.
Johnny replies "Yes I'm sure. I saw it there with my own eyes" Johnny replied.
The operator asks Johnny for the address information on the Billingsley home, and after he gets it from Johnny, they hang up and call is ended.

Phone call #2:
The phone in a private residence rings.
The homeowner answers on the third ring and states, "Hello, Billingsley residence; Josh speaking. May I help you please?"
A male voice responds "Hey Josh this is your cousin Johnny. How are you doing buddy? Are you enjoying your Birthday?"
Josh says, "Yeah, it's been okay.. What can I do for you cousin?"
Johnny says "Did the cops visit your house today?"
"They sure did" Josh said suspeciously, "how did you know?"
Johnny asks "Did they chop up that firewood piled up behind your garage?"
A very puzzled Josh says "They sure did. How in the hell did you..."
And just before he slams the phone down, Johnny yells " Happy Birthday cousin."


KrippledWarrior said...

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Blasé said...

I hear ya...Now I know what to do if I need my wood cut up.

Hey, Amy K wants you to call her on her cell phone

AmyK. said...

I am never above punking a family member...good humor!

And thank you for the time you have given our country.

Blasé said...

Hey HH... I see my girlfriend has put her pic next to mine. See, she really likes me, she really does!!!

I think I'll call her up on her cell phone and give her an Official Welcome to your Blog.