Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cut a brother some slack...

I have a friend, (Well a follower) on blogspace who is inundated with members of the Female persuasion. he's a very humorous observer of life. Give him a read! and comment his posts. At the least you might find some very interesting women there . And get a laugh or two on the side! He's a Carolina Home boy, and a TARHEEL TRUE.
There you go, Blasé. Now it's up to you.


Blasé said...

Thanks for making it clear that 'Condoning' and 'Understanding' are NOT the same thing.

I'm glad I was able to talk some sense into that Biker head of yours. Nice pic....again

AmyK. said...

And why is it that Blasé has pretty much only female followers?

We relate to him...for some strange reason ;-).

Amber said...

Hey, found your blog through his and am glad I did. I have always wondered why he has so many women followers.

Dutch donut girl said...

Your fondling comment made me laugh.

And women are taking over blogland. Blasé is one of the hostages.