Monday, August 3, 2009


SHARK WEEK on the Discovery Channel is one of the best information sources about this Apex Predator, anywhere in this world. They are remarkable, intelligent animals. And like all of God's creations, they are a necessary part of their oceanic ecosystem.
If you are the squeamish type or are already afraid to go in the water, then; Due to graphic scenes of predation and the aftermath of humans attacked I recommend, maybe you should watch the Oxygen Channel or Sesame Street instead.
It is the plain, simple truth about the natural world. The world we live in is not a lovie dovie hug you favorite spotted owl, lets all hold hands and sing, kind of place. You cannot anthropomorphize the world we live in and still comprehend how it works.
In nature there is no "evil", or "cruelty." Animals are not "poor" or "vicious." There is only survival and procreation. But, truth be known, Sharks have far more to fear from mankind, than mankind has to fear from sharks. The estimate by conservation scientists is that in 2008 mankind killed 250,000 sharks each day for the entire year. Most of them were victms of a practice known as "FINNING". The live sharks are dragged aboard ship, their fins and tails are cut off for sale to make "shark-fin soup" in restaurants world wide. Then the still living animals are dropped back into the sea to drown. If evolution is true (I don't believe that it is) then mankind has not descended as far as some may think.
Anyway; please Enjoy nature as it really is and watch SHARK WEEK.
this is an unpaid personal endorsement.


Blasé said...

I saw that "finning" on TV several years ago. If I was able to, I'd make sure those guys could never do that again. Makes my blood boil...

AmyK. said...

Nature is beautiful...all creatures. I love Shark Week. We watch it in my house every year.