Sunday, August 2, 2009

SOMETIMES I DON'T (For my Sister AmyK)...

Everyday in America, Motorcycle enthusiasts are needlessly killed by Drivers who recite the aggravating cliche' "I never saw the motorcycle." I for one am getting tied of it. If you are a biker and this gets to you; find a blood-sucking lawyer and bleed those jerks dry! Call the Law-Tigers.

You owe it to your family, and all of us will benefit when cagers find out that it ain't ok to kill bikers in the US anymore. For you automobile enthusiasts; watchout for the stealth motorcycles. The life you save could be your preacher!


Blasé said...

Good video. It's likely that Amy K doesn't do much talking on the phone while she is driving.

With my luck, I'll end up hitting a biker just because they are hard to see, even when I'm doing all the right things.

AmyK. said...

Excellent message. Actually, I live in fear of hurting anyone with my car, or anyone hurting me.

Cars are dangerous and they are weapons to some. Stupid people are stupid...I wish it was something the lawyers could go after them for...that is actually a common refrain on my blog.

I have seen commercials/boards for Law-Tigers. Good campaign.

Krippledwarrior said...

Blasé<-- Thanks for the assistance and support.

AmyK.<-- Thanks, I never believed you would do it intentionally. But Motorcycles are stealth machines and do sneak up on you. Also unintentionally. Loud pipes save lives. Most people think bikers have loud bikes just to get other people's attention. And they're right. But it has nothing to do with ego or pride. It's a survival thing. You will hear me, even if you never see me.

Blasé said...

I think we would all be surprised at how many bikers have been saved from wrecks via the muffler noise. I know that is what gets my attention the most, and I'm thankful for them...until they get so loud they scare the hell out of me. But, Id rather listen to that than the BOOOM BOOOOM BOOOOM from the young idiots with the subwoofers coming from their cars.