Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Submitted for you approval...

It was the Idyllic relationship!

Shinning armor! White Horse! Strong! Brave! Adventurous! Handsome! Chivalrous! 
A romantic dream come true.

Beautiful! Loving! Soft-spoken! Tender Hearted! Devoted! Resilient! Intelligent!
A vision of loveliness.

These are the ingredients of a Fairy-tail Romance. But it really happened! Right here in This world. They were deeply and truly in love. Totally devoted to each other. Bright outlook for the future. Blessed beyond all expectation! They enjoyed each others company. And felt empty whenever they were apart. There were the usual distractions and problems. But they faced each one Together. Their heart strings were so tightly bound together, that nothing could resist their determination to over come it. Together they would take the world in a strangle hold, and force it to submit to their needs and desires.

Then one day the PRINCE CHARMING went to work. And he didn't come home for a very long time...

PRINCESS BRIDE was left at home. She had been given a prior notice of the prince's departure. But no matter the length, it would not have been enough to prepare for the hollow feeling in her heart. But this was no ordinary princess. PRINCESS BRIDE was an extraordinary person. She took complete control over all of the affairs of the castle. 

Finances. Food. Clothing. School for Prince Junior. Maintenance of the carriages. Utilities. Caring for the gardens and grounds of the castle. And also taking care of HOME DEFENCE!


Hoping against hope for the prince to return home and resume the role of Partner in this love story. She never really knew where he was. There were letters from him. But he was not at liberty to tell her his location. Not because he didn't want to tell her. But because he was not allowed to tell. All she knew for sure was, He was in a land FAR, FAR, away! A land where dragons live. 
Large, lethal, nasty dragons. Dragons, hell bent on devouring the prince, and every good thing for which he stands. And the Dragon has friends who are trying to help destroy the Prince and his Homeland. So he can't tell the princess anything about his current situation. On top of shouldering all the burden at the castle, she also deals with the very real possibility that the prince might not come home. That the dragon will be vanquished is never in doubt. But will the Dragon slay the prince in the process. 
The evening News is a time of great apprehension for the princess. "Will I see him on TV?" She asks herself. "Please let him be OK! God, Please don't let them flash his name on the screen." Then the little voice reminds her of the common statement...

No NEWS is NOT ALWAYS good news.

Then there is the late evening or early morning phone call. It startles her at first. And as she reaches for the phone, the question crosses her mind. "Who could that be, at this hour?" And panic starts to grip the princess. "Hello" she stammers.
An unfamiliar voice asks "Is this PRINCESS BRIDE?"
Ice is forming on the wings of her heart. MAYDAY! MAYDAY! we're loosing altitude.
"Yes, this is she."

"I am calling to tell you that we are counting on your vote today! Are you registered to vote?"


This is the routine for almost 2 years. And then one day, the PRINCE comes home. He looks great. All his limbs are still in place His armor glistens in the sun. But the eyes are different somehow. They don't sparkle anymore. An when the princess tries to hug him, he flinches. And that is just the beginning of the differences in PRINCE CHARMING. not only is he averse to physical contact. He is emotionally distant as well. Actually it's more like emotionally absent. He seems on the verge of tears. perpetually. He can't. or won't, sleep, eat, laugh, talk, make decisions, pay attention or any of the things she expected him to do when he came home. He is in a funk,that won't go away. He's moody and angry at everything. This isn't the same PRINCE CHARMING We sent to slay the Dragon. 

    "You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas; you've just crossed over into the Twilight Zone."
    —Rod Serling

Join me SOON for
La deuxième partie.


Marnie said...

This was good!


I don't know the the wives of soldiers or policemen cope.

Great story KW[even though it's no tale].

PTSD, A Caregiver's Perspective said...

Je me réjouis de la deuxième partie :)

Karen said...

So when are you going to write the book?

And would it be an autobiography?... what are you waiting for.

Kelly Combs said...

well written my friend!

Ms. Anthropy said...

I've met more than one prince like this. (Not mine, thankfully) Slaying dragons has the ability to change people forever, even when a body appears unscathed.

Anonymous said...

(wiping tears) Is this story about you and your wife?

Red Shoes said...

... sounds like my late brother-in-law. Was at Omaha Beach on D-Day... later at the Battle of the Bulge...

His problems didn't start until his latter years however...

This has probably played out in every conflict that has happened on this planet... always more than one victim...


peedee said...

Hellooooooooooooo! I liked your story and it was a great take on what spouses go through.

I stopped by, by way of Red Shoes.

Sincerely, thank you for your service. My family and I appreciate every thing you've done and sacrificed for us and our country.

Proud Mom of a US Navy Aircrewman.

CB said...

pretty good tale there....thanks for sharing

Kimberly said...

Powerful fairy tale --- no happy ending.

Just telling it like it is said...

Yeah I never did believe in the whole prince and princess theory...more like relationships take work...forgiveness and love need to go hand in hand!

Betty said...

Great read!
You're awarded! You do deserve it!!
Pls come visit me!
Hope you're having a great Wednesday!
B :)

John McElveen said...

I salute you Sir, and am still kicking myself for not getting here sooner.

How many Princess's and Prince Charming's are still--FAR FAR away from each other?

One--just One Couple, is too many! But I praise God for them every single night!

Great Great read!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this.
Thanx Kurt.

red.neck chic said...

I like this... I like it that you keep it real - even when sweat-talkin' me with a fairy-tale. And, you know... fairy-tales have happy endings...