Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We vote for:
American Idols.
Next Top Models.
Dancing With Stars.
Our Favorite M&M Color.
America's Funniest Home Video.
Even as children we vote "For" or "Against" the TRIX RABBIT.

We'll vote for just about anything! Except who should be our government REPRESENTATIVE! There are people right here in BLOG WORLD who openly spout pseudo-intellectual drivel about the "FUTILITY OF VOTING."  And how they believe our vote has no power and you (WE) are living under the illusion of freedom, rather than actually being free.

The Motto of my home state is:
Esse quam videri  It's Latin for "BEING, RATHER THAN SEEMING." I leaned that in 3rd grade History. And it has been something that I have adopted as a personal philosophy. And I have lived my life to Be, not just appear to Be.

And I could sit here and type until my fingers bleed, trying to convince you to see it differently than those Harbingers of doom and destruction. But all that would accomplish is to bore you to tears and make my fingers bleed.

Or perhaps a short history reminder. The Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s wasn't about seating on the public buses, or who could use what water-fountain or public toilet. Those were tertiary to the main point. The key issue,the one that people died or went to jail for was the RIGHT TO VOTE.

On 5 July 1971, the constitution was amended to allow 18 year olds to vote. Almost overnight things began to change in America. The Viet Nam War ended in 1975. We lost that war, and swallowed our pride and openly admitted that we had overstepped our responsibility and authority by getting involved there to begin with. And do any of you recall how draconian the drug laws used to be? Simple possession of Marijuana could get you "LIFE IN PRISON" in TEXAS. I don't care what your personal view on drug use is. You have to admit Life in Prison is a pretty steep price to pay for Pot use. But now in most states it has a similar consequence to driving over the speed limit (If you have never exceeded the posted speed limit, you can scorn me now).

Prior to the summer of 1920,women in the USA were not allowed to vote. The all male congress to a vote on the matter, well they took three votes on it and somehow women got the vote (I still can't figure how men lost that vote).
Perhaps I could use reverse psychology on you and forbid that you vote. Anyone who does not agree with me on each and every issue and candidate, or looks like someone I hate, or is shorter that 6'2" tall, is here-by forbidden to vote in any election in the USA.

But your to smart for that! But admit it. I started to get your goat.

So here's my proposal:
Everyone who wants to run for Government Office, will be put on a REALITY TV show,with their entire family, for a minimum of 6 episodes, each. We'll call it:


And at the end of each episode the viewers will vote for their favorite family, until there are two families left. Then the last two families will appear in another four episodes and the viewers will decide the winner. There will be no recounts. And each phone-in vote will cost $1.00, which will be used to reduce the deficit of the state or federal budget,depending upon the race being decided.

Or you could just get involved in America, and


Ms. Anthropy said...

Love your proposal! Not a fan of reality TV, but SO many are.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Love this idea!
Here in England we have a show called "Britain's Got Talent", again with Simon Cowell, and some people will vote for just about every dancing dog or singing pig going!
Honestly, you just can't escape them.
It much better just to switch off before we all become brain-dead.
I've never been a fan of these programmes.
But, yes, I am with the suffragettes and all they went through to get women to vote....even though you had to be 30 and married.

Just telling it like it is said...

I'll say woman were that last ones to be able to vote...hugs and kisses to you I thought of you yesterday more than once...

Heart2Heart said...


Thanks for your wonderful heartfelt comments on my blog post this afternoon. You remain my faithful bro in Christ always.

I love this post and just remember we all have to give an account for what we did while we were here and I for one want to make sure my vote counts for the right choices. Steve and I have officially voted.

Remember if you hate going to polling places, vote by absentee ballot but please VOTE!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Charlene said...

I vote and I hate reality shows!

I know this is going to brand me with the "fuddy duddy" title, but I think voting is a serious thing and should require soem thought and effort. How about you have to take a test about politics when you renew your license to drive. That way you'd vote every 4th year at least. It's like parenthood; any fool can drive but few vote.

MsDarkstar said...

I was, at one time, married to someone who was affiliated with the "opposing" political party. From late October to mid-November he was insufferable (at least in election years...) and there was one year that he actually refused to speak to me for almost a month because of our political differences. Yet, we both went off and voted even though we knew we would "cancel each other out".

And I don't think men "lost" anything when women were given the right to vote. But I'm a woman so I may be biased...

Anonymous said...

Voting reality shows...isn't that kind of what already happens??? (I would vote for Ozzy)

I have voted in every election since I turned 18! I know people who are protesting certain laws probably never voted....Do you think they have the right...or let me rephrase that...should they have the right to protest if they didn't vote....

Karen said...

My husband and I usually vote each other out. Sometimes I hope he'll forget to go to the poles, then I'm ONE UP!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

great post and oh so true! Our country has just gotten so far away from what we were founded on and it so scary. But we know that God is still on the Throne and He is in control!

I love your heart and I so appreciate you joining me in prayer on my prayer blog.

You may enjoy my other blog as well.

PS - my husband DID get his Harley - a 2009 Harley Road King. He loves it, I haven't gotten out of the parking lot on it yet....

Senorita said...

Yeah, as a country we are very disinterested in who is running it. It's pretty sad that we will vote for meaningless celebs and pay to do it, but that people don't take the time to vote for people in office.

Plus, my theory is that most people who do vote don't even know what they are voting for and don't make informed decisions and vote based on ads, not reading the fine print.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea Kurt!

Heff said...

Wow. As if Reality Television doesn't SUCK ENOUGH ALREADY, lol !

For the record, Heff voted yesterday.

red.neck chic said...

I vote! I vote! However, your proposed TV show cracks me up... and, craziness to say it, but we would reduce our deficit in no time at all with the $1.00 per vote. LOL

I'd rather be on the road with a stoned driver than a drunk driver.

And - for the record - we Texans are raving lunatics - but fun and interesting! ha!

;-) I like your header!!!

Anonymous said...

I like it.