Monday, June 7, 2010


We are Pioneers. And trailblazers. We fight... for freedom.
We transform our dreams... into the truth.
Our struggles will become a nation.

AMERICA The Story of US!

 I have a copy of  The 2 hour Premiere Episode of:
The History Channel's 

But I can't just give it to you. That wouldn't be American. So there's gonna be a test! A 20 question test. And the first person to answer all 20 questions correctly; wins the DVD
(It is still unopened, in the original shrink wrap).

I know you won't break the rules. Because there aren't any. Use whatever tools you desire.
GOOGLE & YAHOO to your hearts content. Just remember that the first person with all the correct answers wins. In the event that nobody gets them all correct, the first person with the highest number of correct answers will be declared the winner, and will get the DVD.

The questions will be from my memory. And I reserve the right to determine what constitutes "A correct Answer." However, I will provide reference notes if someone complains loudly enough.

The test will look something like this:

1. Who was the primary writer of The US Declaration of Independence?

2. Who is this man?

3. Which city was The US capital, during the first Continental Congress?


Your answers must be in this format;

1. Thomas Jefferson
2. George Washington
3. Philadelphia, Pa.

 The quiz will be posted on this blog at Noon Pacific time.Saturday June 19, 2010.
 (Provided the Good Lord has seen fit to leave me here).

Comments will be set to moderated, to prevent you from viewing each others work.
No answers will be accepted after 6:01 PM pacific time June 19, 2010.
Results and the correct answers will be posted ASAP on Sunday June 20, 2010.

Be sure to keep this to yourselves. The fewer the participants.The better your chances are to win!

No, seriously tell whom ever you wish. This quiz and give away is open to all sentient creatures in this particular Universe.


Heart2Heart said...


WOO HOO! I love challenges like this one and look forward to seeing how far I can get and how much I can remember.

No wonder you sent the teaser comment this morning. Steve and I will be challenging ourselves!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Heff said...

Damnit, you just gave away the only THREE that I could probably answer correctly !!

Anyhoo, I'll give it a shot...

Marnie said...

KW...swing on by my blog. I have an award for you :0)

Ophilia said...

I'll be here!

red.neck chic said...

Okay - THIS is good!!! I'll be searchin' and googlin'!!! But in the meantime I have a flat...

well the spare was flat and I got uptight
'cause there wasn't a fillin' station in sight
so I jes' limped down the shoulder on the rim

I went as far as I could and when I stopped the car
it was right in front of this little bar
a kind of a redneck lookin' joint called the Dew Drop Inn

Christiejolu said...

Ok I know I am easily confused but I only see 3 questions and you gave the answers...

LOL! If the rapture happens this is null and void. I saw a bumper sticker that said something like Incase of rapture this vehicle will be unmanned or something like that. I would be curious to see if there was a rapture how many people really would be taken...I bet not as many as they think...

PTSD, A Caregiver's Perspective said...

Whoa back up there.... hidden in your post were the words "Provided the Good Lord has seen fit to leave me here." You can't sneak that in and expect me not to ask WTF????

Ms. Anthropy said...

I don't do giveaways, so I'll just say hi, before you post it.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Howdy honey. I knew the answer to those three...and I've seen several of those on the history channel. It's awesome huh. I though knew most of what they showed...but it's awesome to know the little things. the spying, meassages written in invisible ink. etc.

Did you know that Theadore Roosevelt was the person who coined 'The White House'...the whitehouse.

just saying.

later sweetie. xxx

I'm a history freak...

Charlene said...

I'm going to do the quiz, but when I win, you can send the DVD to someone else. I have too much of that stuff on hand already. I'm in the give away mood not the get new stuff mood these days!

sanjeet said...

it was right in front of this little bar
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