Friday, May 14, 2010


A young woman from the North East part of the USA, graduated from a prestigious university with a Master Of Education degree. She was drawn to the romance of Hollywood, and moved to Los Angeles. With her credentials she had no trouble finding a job. She was chosen to teach English to a class full of fifth graders.

On her first day she tried to find some common ground with her students. So she asked the class, "Are there any Basketball fans in this group?"

All the hands shot into the air. "Excellent" she said.

And began to ask each child, "What is your favorite team?"

And every child responded in turn, "THE LAKERS."

The frustrated Boston fan, finaaly got to the last child and said, "I suppose you're a Laker fan too?"

The little girl said "I certainly am."

The teacher snapped out "And why are you a Laker fan?"

The little girl said, "Well, both my Mom and Dad are Laker Fans. So I have to be a Laker Fan too."

The teacher recognized this as an opening to give a life lesson. And she said, "Just because your parents are something, is no reason you have to be the same thing they are. Suppose your Father was a drunk and your mother was a stripper. What would you be then?"

The girl said, "Well, in that case, I'd be a Celtic fan."



Karen said...

LOL... good one :-) Have I told you lately how much I like your new look?

Heff said...

Ha !!! Gotta love rivalries.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hahahaha...Go Lakers. My fave basketball team. My second favorite team is any other team that plays against the celtics. But of course I'm a Laker far I can remember. I've been to a few games. And met a few players and coaches when Shaq was still with them.

Rick tall, so gorgeous.

I used to play in high school...power forward.

nice post...And true, Lakers don't like Celtics. And that retort from the proves she is a LAKER fan.

later hon.

Anonymous said...

hey brother man, you crack my ribs. I love the Lakers and of course you.

Just telling it like it is said...

Awe that was great..sugar sweet!!

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Too cute!

Jo said...



hahahaha Loved it!

Becki Jacket said...

.....I'm currently selling Laker Hater shirts in case your interested.....

Sorry. I'm a die-hard Jazz Fan. :D

red.neck chic said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Love it!!!

:-D robelyn