Friday, October 30, 2009


I'm taking a big chance on this. Hopefully none of my readers will be negatively affected by these images. But please beware; someone some where in the world may be placed into a total, paralyzing panic, simply by viewing these images. Such is the nature of a true phobia.
PHOBIA: an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and irrational fear, not simple dislike, of simple things or social situations.

Theatraphobia, an irrational fear of Theaters...

Tachophobia: An irrational fear of Speed.

Selenophobia: An irrational fear of the Moon.

Rhytiphobia: An irrational fear of Getting Wrinkles.

Placophobia: An irrational fear of Tombstones.

Pediophobia: An irrational fear of Dolls.

Ornithophobia: An irrational fear of Birds.

Orphidiophobia: An irrational fear of Snakes.

Omphalophobia: An irrational fear of Belly Buttons.

Nephophobia: An irrational fear of Clouds.

Myrmecophobia: An irrational fear of Ants.

Metrophobia: An irrational fear of Poems.

Lutraphobia: An irrational fear of Otters.

Nephophobia: An irrational fear of Lakes.

Lepidopterophobia: An irrational fear of Moths and Butterflies.

Gephyrophobia: An irrational fear of Crossing Bridges.

Geniophobia: An irrational fear of Chins.

Gallophobia: An irrational fear of France or French culture.

Dendrophobia: An irrational fear of Trees.

Cyclophobia: An irrational fear of Bicycles.

Chorophobia: An irrational fear of Dancing.

Chiroptophobia: An irrational fear of Bats.

Chirophobia: An irrational fear of Hands.

Chionophobia: An irrational fear of Snow.

Catoptrophobia: An irrational fear of Mirrors.

Carnophobia: An irrational fear of Meat.

Caligyephobia: An irrational fear of Beautiful Women.

Aulophobia: An irrational fear of Flutes.

Arachnephobia: An irrational fear of Spiders.

Achridophobia: An irrational fear of Grasshoppers.

If you thought you had one of these Phobias, and you are still reading this; Congratulations, either you didn't have it or now you're cured.


Heart2Heart said...


These are some interesting phobias. I guess there quite literally has to be a fear of everything and anything.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend and enjoy Halloween!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

NicNacManiac said...

WOW...that's some crazy list!! I have and did not even know it until I saw it: Gephyrophobia: An irrational fear of Crossing Bridges. That is one mother of a bridge!! Great Post....Happy Halloween buddy!! xOxO
PS. Don't eat to much candy!!

Kelly Combs said...

Some of these had me laughing. I have to ask what qualifies as irrational...because I'm not a fan of spiders, wrinkles or crossing huge span bridges, but I don't go all crazy. I cross the bridges (middle lane), and I kill spiders when no one is there to do it, and I apply wrinkle cream like crazy...and it's working because I am getting wrinkles. LOL! Wait, that isn't how it's supposed to work????

2Thinks said...

Oh, there's my favorite bonsai again. I love that tree. My poor pathetic...oh never mind her..

I have to admit, I could not look at the bridge picture for more than a millisecond, I scrolled real fast past. I can't drive across them and if I'm in the car and someone else is driving across one, I close my eyes, hide my head, sing to myself out loud and think pleasant thoughts. That's how I get across.

I have a few other fears, maybe not all the way into the irrational phobia catagory, but I know it makes no sense to fear anything- for the Lord is with me. My friend always says, "what's the worst thing that could happen- we die and go to heaven", so that's that. Nothing to fear really.

HeartNiki said...

Great post! Some of those are too funny. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Wow, these are all real fears? I love the tree and the woman with her boobs falling out of that "dress". Didn't know people of that era dressed so provocatively.

My sister seriously does have Achridophobia.

AmyK. said...

Well, I have orinthophobia. It is NOT irrational. Birds will peck your eyes out!! RUN!!!!

But otters? Hmmm...they always seemed nice to me ;-)

Edie said...

I'm late again. I must have Rhytiphobia cause I don't want wrinkles like that!!! Mine are more than enough. Glad I don't use Kelly's wrinkle cream.

I'm sure my daughter has Orphidiophobia. You can't even say the word snake in front of her without her crawling out of her skin. (pun heh heh):)

I don't normally have Omphalophobia but that picture scared me!

Myrmecophobia - have you ever been attacked by a mound of fire ants!!??

Lutraphobia - Now THAT is irrational. Otters are just too cute!

It's not the lake, it's what's INSIDE the lake.

Gephyrophobia - I just have to say that I hope Heidi isn't driving when she's hiding her face and singing LaLaLa.

I think that dancing lady modeled for the tree.

Carnophobia - Never! I LOVE steak!

Technonana said...

Fear of snakes may be irrational to some... but not to be... I DON'T LIKE SNAKES... of any kind!!
Did notice that the tree and the dancer seemed to be striking the same pose!!