Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ashokan Farewell

I don't know why! But, I can't listen to this song without tears.



Blasé said...

I was all happy about you clearing out your clutter/Jackets...until I listened to this song. Someone please pass me a tissue...

2Thinks said...

This is beautiful.

I saved the e-mail. Thanks. I'll be askin' ya.

Kelly Combs said...

It's the violin. It's like it's crying first, and we join in. It's beautiful.

Plus underneath that tough guy exterior, you are an ole' softy!

I've not visited in a while since my daughter was home from school sick all week last week. I'll try to do better this week!

Edie said...

That was beautiful! I just loved every second of it. It's the violin. :)

Kanani said...

I think you can easily add this song to one of your lists. It's beautiful.

Btw, blog about Project Valour IT today, and come over to The Kitchen Dispatch and leave word. I'll enter you into a giveaway I'm doing to reward those who are taking part in the kick off.

2Thinks said...

Whoever said the blogs have to be true stories? You can continue it with "...then the spaceship..." on your post. Everyone loves a little science fiction now and again. Go ahead.


This could be a new meme- one person begins a story and another continues it- we hop blog to blog to read it to the end.

Heart2Heart said...

What a beautiful video! The instruments together tell a beautiful and heart stirring story!

Thank you for sharing this!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat