Friday, October 9, 2009

Classic Black Friday

One of the blogs I follow, NicNacManiac, has some very interesting fashion and decorating ideas.
She usually post pictures on Friday of black intense old fashion curiosities. So I decided to follow suite, only in a more motorcycle oriented theme. I could never begin to approach Narina's exquisite fashion sense. So be sure to check her blog to see my inspirational fashionista mentor.
So shall we begin???


Kelly Combs said...

The top picture is very romantic. The bottom one is hysterical! I like the woman driving on the back cycle! haha!

Heading over to the other blog now.

2Thinks said...

Thy Helmet Laws Sucketh really made me laugheth out loudeth....

I visited your friend's blog, too. Like it.

Edie said...

Cracked up at the Helmet Law Sucketh. LOL! I'm off to visit your friend.

Happy Saturday!


jerry said...

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