Sunday, March 10, 2013

Test your neighbors


Cloudia said...

I'm gonna do that!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
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NanaDiana said...

OMG- I should do that!!! What is really funny is that there was a perfectly "normal" family down the street about 10 houses and they were busted for drug dealing. You would have never guessed it. It sure got the neighbors talking- xo Diana said...

A great idea. But I'm wondering if they've already done this to freak me out.



hahahah Love it and done! :)

Katherine Jenkins said...

That's a good one. My father has a lake cabin and he was the only one with internet for a mile. He added a password finally and everyone came by to ask what the password was. The nerve! He's a generous person, but he finally realized that people can pay for their own damn internet! The funniest network name I saw while traveling was called "Tronald Dump"

Lorna said...

Dear KW -- I read your other post and commented, but need to tell you that reading white letters on black background is very hard on my eyes. There surely are others like me who might almost not read your blog for that simple reason. I am glad I gave it a try but I almost skipped it.