Monday, April 9, 2012

sucker punched

The Urban Dictionary defines sucker punch thusly;
a true sucker punch is quite a bit more complex than a simple unanounced (sic) attack.
It primarily involves a closed fist contacting the soft underbelly of a person (beneath the rib cage) at a high velocity, causing the ensuing force to press upward on the victim's diaphram(sic), leading to a sudden expulsion of air from the victim's mouth and lungs. This opening blow leaves the victim open to various other attacks, often leading to what would be called "bitch moves" becuase(sic) of the defenseless nature of the victim...

Today I had a visit from a representative of the VA at my home. It was an expected visit. The appointment was made 2 weeks ago, and was to kick off my transition into the Vocational Rehabilitation Program (VocRehab). I was told on 4 January 2012 that I was eligible, and that a counselor would contact me in the next 4 weeks. Those four weeks, plus another four went past without a call. So, I went down to their office to get some info on the counselor. (For anyone dealing with the VocRehab office, I recommend doing all of your dealings with them live and in person, until you are assigned a counselor . Phone messages just never get returned, not the nice ones and certainly not the sarcastic ones. And I'm positive the ones laced with sailor words never even get played to the part where you leave your number. I didn't leave any that were of a threatening nature, so I can't say if they get a response. But I'd imagine they would get the wrong sort of response from an entirely different branch of the government).

My assigned counselor arrived on time today and was very pleasant in demeanor and she seemed to be very interested in me and my case. She began asking questions about our house and my ability to get around inside of it. What sorts of things am I able to do for myself and who helps me with the things I cannot do? Where can I go inside? How do I get outside? Is there anywhere in my house I can not go? And then a survey form where I answered 0-4 on the level of ability to do things, considered common to independent humans in the last 30 days.

My intention for applying to VocRehab in the first place, was to get some hands-on training, so I could reacquire my security credentials and ultimately get a job and go back to work. I already have degrees in computer science, with 10 years experience as a Information Security Specialist and a laundry list of certifications. No need to start from scratch so I was hoping to get into the RATE program (Rapid Access To Employment).

As it turns out, I'm not eligible for the RATE program. Someone at the VocRehab department has determined that my HANDICAPS (there's that fucking word) are too severe and preclude me from returning to work. But they have determined that I am eligible for the Independent Living Program. That's where the VocRehab department comes alongside with money and coordinators to help plan, design, build and pay for the additions or modifications to my home that will allow me to live independently and participate in family and community life. But not go get a job. I suppose I should be thankful for the assistance that they are offering, and truly, Lord I am thankful.

So here I am laying on the floor (figuratively) gasping for breath after this sucker punch, awaiting my "Bitch slapping" to begin...


NanaDiana said...

I am sorry to hear that, Kurt. The sad thing is there you are WANTING to be work capable and I have a guy living down the street that is as healthy as I am and he is on the dole because he can't find a "decent job". It just doesn't make any sense to me how this all works sometimes.

I do hope they help you with your house and surroundings because I KNOW you have earned every single thing this country can give back to you. Take advantage of what you can use...and who knows, maybe somehow, somewhere along the line you will find something that will allow you to work at a pace that works for you!

Blessings, my friend- Diana

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

Yes the help with the house is a good thing but it really do suck that they seem to want to right you off as not being able get back into the work force when if you want/need to try and do so then you should get all the help possible to do so maybe you won't be able to go back to work but you will not know without trying and to me it is like they do not want to spend the money on someone who they do not think is a sure thing.

Cloudia said...

business as normal
you are bigger than this
get your Cong Rep to help!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral



Karen said...

And here you are trying to get back into the world as an income earning member of your family, trying to bring more to your own life, and they deny you the training? If you're willing, isn't that the point? ....

I'm so sorry to hear of this disappointment... is the decision final or can you appeal?

L said...

How frustrating! I understand the the catch .22 of being appreciative of the assistance but also being at the point of no longer needing/wanting it. I'm right there with you.

Time to move up the chain?

Choleesa said...

Im sorry to hear that.
Is there a "higher up" that you can go to?

Marnie said...

Now that is frustrating Kurt! I'm sorry to hear this. I could understand it if the work you were seeking was labor intensive. Don't they realize that in the IT world, you can even do your job from home? It appears that the system is just black or white with no grey in between. This is crazy. xo

Anonymous said...

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