Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a family resemblance

Yesterday I called my sister who lives in Kentucky, just to say hello and touch base on her comings and goings and to catch her up on what I've been doing. While we were talking I took advantage of the miracle that lives inside my iPhone, and sent her a photo of myself...

and she told me that she had been in touch with one of our cousins and had in her possession, some photographs of our family from a long time ago. And one of the pictures was of my great-great-grandfather who is the spitting image of yours truly. So, I said; "send them. I'd love to see."

my great-great-grandfather Isiah

Looks just like me, huh? Don't worry if you didn't see it, neither did I. But my sister, my wife and our cleaning lady all saw it...
Here are the other pics she sent. I don't have full details on them. But I will post that as soon as I get it.


Swineford is my maternal ancestral name.

Mary Swineford

George R. Swineford 1880

Shelumiel Swineford
Sargent US Army 1863

Shelumiel & Esther Swineford & children

Thanks for dropping bye


NanaDiana said...

I can certainly see the resemblance! You have a good looking family there. I also think you look a bit like George-nose and mouth area. How fun that your sister had these pictures. Hope you are having a good week.

We are getting a pretty good sized VA hospital/clinic just down the road a bit and I am thinking of applying for part-time work when they are open. It is a big step for our area-right now everyone has to drive about 120 miles to the VA in Milwaukee, WI. xo Diana

Choleesa said...

Hey, your looking pretty good there!!!
That is awesome that you have so much history on your family.

L said...

You are so lucky to have those family pictures and all that history right at your fingertips...I admit, I'm a tad jealous!

L said...

Your question, if you'd like to answer:

What is your proudest moment as a military veteran?

Brittany Sommer said...

This is awesome!
To answer you question regarding my blog, My Life As A Sailors Princess is for just that, my life as a sailors princess. My nail blog is for that, my nails :)

Red Shoes said...

What great photos!! Of you AND your ancestors... I would love to know about the Civil War era photo of the soldier!!


Cloudia said...

you and your family
are an important part
of the USA!

You look GREAT BTW!

Warm Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

>< } } ( ° >

Karen said...

Oh yes, you and Isiah!...

These are awesome photos to have.

And you look terrific, KW. Handsome dude.

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

Hello this is my first vist here you can blame "L" from the Mock Turtle it is here fault for posting a link to your blog and I just had to come and see what your blog was all about.........why because I am I mean I like to make new blog friends I am not noesy ok I lied I am noesy but hell I am a lovely woman honestly I am don't beleive me bugga...........

Moving on I don't think you you anything like your great-great-grandfather Isiah he is much better

Sorry maybe I shouldn't have said that I was hoping you would like me and what do I do go and tell you the truth I should have lied would that have made you like well such is life....

Spockgirl said...

I am very fond of old photos, in addition to old books. I particularly like the Civil War pic. It is extremely cool that you have access to these photos, that they are of your family, and that they actually still exist.

As for your resemblance. I could sort of see nose, cheekbones and maybe eyebrows, but you are probably considerably taller, and have a narrower bone structure.

Marnie said...

Great pictures! I can certainly see the resemblance!