Monday, May 2, 2011

US 1 - OSAMA 0





What do you think about him being assasinated without being brought to justice and a fair trial, Kurt?

KrippledWarrior said...

UB, you know I love you, and if this were a police action, where deputies were guilty of police brutality, I would agree with you. But this was an act of war, and the laws and justice system have no jurisdiction or authority in this matter.

Marnie said...

When I first heard the news, I thought it was a hoax. Did you hear that he hid behind one of his wives? Talk about being brave xo

Ms. A said...

Yes, with the fishes.

Red Shoes said...

Based on some of the news stories I've read, several commands were given for Bin Laden etal to surrender. It seems that they initially opened fire. I haven't read anything that would indicate that he was taken hostage and then assassinated. However, that M.O. does fall within the guidelines established by these terrorist groups.

Bin Laden etal didn't give those people in the Trade Towers that morning the opportunity to 'surrender' or take whatever action that would be deemed appropriate.

I can appreciate a differing point of view on this issue. However, I tend to side with the action taken by the President.

We are naive if we think for a moment that we aren't still at risk.


red.neck chic said...

I'm with shoes...
and more power to the little fishies... they have some extra food now.


Charlene said...

The woman Osama used as a human shield was the wife of one of the men killed while shooting at the marines. You owuldn't expect him to use his kids' mamma when he could use some other kids' momma.


I'm proud of our Seals, intelligence agencies and a President who early in his term made this a priority in directing them to get him.

Jo said...

I can't believe anyone would agree that this was anything but the right thing to do. The man was a monster. He killed just as many Muslims as he did non-Muslims. If someone was not "Muslim enough" Bin Laden's al-Qaeda terrorists killed them. All over the world - Asia, the Middle East, Africa, America - al-Qaeda killed innocent people. Bin Laden needed to be eliminated. He was a monster, a blood-thirsty serial killer, hiding behind his religion.

Congratulations to the Americans for getting rid of him...!

Anonymous said...

My tax dollars well spent. A piece of lead poured in America, shot by an American weapon, killed by an American citizen. "You not see da eyes of da seal, till him come callin." I'm glad that there are men and woman out there that give a continental damn if some foreign piece of shit is trying to hurt me or my family or someone's child. God love em!!!!

Heff said...

I personally am ready for pix and/or video to be leaked. Ya KNOW it's gonna happen !

Anonymous said...

and now...seal team 6 has gone back into the shadows, without us ever knowing their names.

Anonymous said...

This taken from a commenter who spoke on how the Europeans are uneasy about Bin Fartin's funny as hell demise.

"This is another attempt by the Europeans to sound overly civilized and intellectual. Their comments are rooted in arrogance and in an inflated view of themselves. This is the world of terrorism and anti-terrorism, where the laws of civilized society do not necessarily apply. Osama bin Laden operated under the rules of the jungle, and so he was brought to justice under these very same rules. This is something bin Laden would have well understood and accepted. I wonder if the Europeans would have given Hitler the respect they think he so deserved."

Cocaine Princess said...

I was watching WWE Extreme Rules on PPV and wrestler John Cena came out on stage and announced the news about Osama's death. The audience roared and cheered!!