Monday, February 8, 2010

A new virus

I may be off line for awhile. I got a new strain of an email virus. It was from someone I had never heard of. But curiosity got the better of me and I opened and read it anyway. Now I have a lot of work to do. But I wanted to warn all of you before I go off-line.
The message came from some guy in Italy! And was relayed through several open SMTP Relay systems. How he got my Email address is still a mystery. And I may never discover the truth.
This is a very clever, yet very sinister and devastating virus. I hope I can get this posted before my system is destroyed. Let me give you the particulars!

The subject line reads: UofA Virus!
The message looks like this:
To:          Whom It May Concern.
From:     Computer Science Lab, University Of  Alabama
Subj:      University Of Alabama Virus
Dear Sir or Maam,

Due to the current economic crises in our nation. And in Alabama in particular. We, at the UofA, have suffered severe budgetary cutbacks and have lost funding for software purchases needed to continue teaching our students in the Computer Science program, the skills needed to become effective software programmers in the ever increasing world of instant information. We are proud of our institution. And we have tried everything imaginable to keep our funding. But our complaints have fallen on deaf ears. So we have resorted to this last ditch effort to gain attention to our plight.
We wanted to write an email borne virus and unleash it on the world. Within a matter of a few weeks the entire world would be infected and know of our situation. Then the Board of Regents would be forced to restore our funding. Our virus will reach your inbox. And once you open it. The code will become active, and it will do the following:
1. Search the contents of your system to be sure you haven't already been infected. 
2. Then the UofA virus will load an SMTP Email server on you PC. And forward a copy of itself  to everyone in your Address Book. After that, the UofA Virus will 
3. format your primary hard drive, essentially destroying all contents and then reboot to a black screen that says ""

At that point you would have to reload your operating system and all of your programs. But, once you are done with that, you would be angry enough to send an email to our school: Department Of Computer Sciences and Technology. And once the Regents get enough scathing emails they would have no choice but to cave to the pressure and restore our funding.
That is why you have received this message. But since we have no software to write such a virus we are depending on you and your honesty to support our efforts. You are honor bound to follow these steps;
1. Send a copy of this email to everyone listed in your Address Book.
2. Format your Hard Drive.
3. Reload Operating System and all Programs.
4. Send a really scathing email to the Dean of The UofA School of Technology. And be very angry when you do it.

Name withheld to prevent prosecution.

I have a lot of work to do now. I'll be back after I format my hard drive and reload my O/S and send that angry message. And if you get an email from me, with UofA Virus! in the subject line. DON'T OPEN IT!



Kelly Combs said...

Dang kids! But very clever.

Ms. Anthropy said...

Scary! Better you than me, I don't have any of your tech knowledge! Kick butt and take names KW.

Blasé said...

I actually thought you'd be the last person to be conned.

Roll up your sleeves and take care of this Bum!

KrippledWarrior said...

To all my concerned friends. This is a joke!!!!

Ms. Anthropy said...

KW!!! You butt! Here I was feeling all bad for you. "Bad dog, no biscuit!"

BamaTrav said...

Never commented here, seen you around, this may have been a bad time as I live in Alabama. Oh, I did write the piece over at Uber's to respond to that tool Bhat At.

Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

Thanks for the heads up... so sorry this happened to you!

Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

Uh..... it pays to read all the comments before posting! AAAH! A joke???!! AAAH!!