Saturday, February 13, 2010


OKAY Ladies. I get it. I have been busy this week reading the blog-o-sphere. And I've come to 2 realizations.
Firstly:Women bloggers outnumber the male bloggers by 20-1 at least. That's not a bad thing. Just an observation.
And secondly: Valentine's Day is a big deal to most of you. I have read so many women's stories of disappointment and despair over getting the wrong gift, or worse, no gift on Valentine's Day! Some want flowers and poetry. Others hate flowers, or flowers of a certain type or color. Candy, chocolate in particular, seems a safe bet. Yet some of you get your back up, and ask: "Is he trying to get me fat?" Well how about silver and gold? Diamonds or zircons? Rubies or emeralds? What price do you place on your love? I thought Valentine's Day was a childhood thing. Like Halloween, after a certain age, you weren't supposed to play any more. And I was glad of it! I loathed Valentine's day as a boy. I never got so much as a single card. Even in school I was the only kid who got no cards.
I was an ugly kid! My mother took me everywhere she went. Just so she wouldn't have to kiss me good-bye. I wore a ham-hock on a string around my neck, just to get the puppies to play with me. When my mother took me to the beach, people would ask her "What were you using for bait?" One time at the Zoo, the keepers pointed at me and said "That's why Tigers eat their young." My sister keeps the photos that came with the frame and tells everyone "That's my brother!" And when my teen years began I blossomed from an ugly duckling into a Turkey buzzard. Every autumn when the County Fair came to town I got a job as"The Monkey-Boy." I didn't wear a costume. At Thanksgiving I sat at a separate table, in the garage! And on Halloween I got lots of candy. And I didn't have to go up to the door. People would shoot the candies to me with a slingshot. Kraft Caramels weren't so bad. But the jawbreakers hurt.
But I didn't let it turn me against women. I just wish we could all remember the real reason behind Valentine's day. To commemorate the birth of Saint Valentine!


Edie said...

Turkey buzzard... Hahaha!

That's quite an act my friend, and I don't believe a word of it.

Valentine's Day is way overdone. If there was a man in my life I would love a sentimental card and a date night or day. Okay maybe some flowers.

Here's the deal with women. When a man does that kind of stuff, anytime of the year, it says to a women that she is special to him. That is what women want most, is to feel like they are special to someone.

Because Valentine's Day has become SO commercialized and turned into "Love Day", even if women don't fall for the commercialization of it, when their "beau" does nothing it's like saying she isn't special to him.

Your comment over at my Graphics blog... LOL! The rod of discipline works! Hahaha!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Becki Jacket said...

I plan on Valentines how I do it every year. I watch chick flicks all by myself in my bedroom eating cookie dough. It's very relaxing and I quite enjoy it. :) I don't need teddy bears, diamond, a gift, or a card or dinner. I just need a chick flick and cookie dough. :) And I can take care of that myself!

Blasé said...

Unfortunately, many women if not most, allow society/the trends/media/a "special day" to determine the criterion of what they should look/feel like.

I don't think you're "ugly"...and not even close to 'butt-ugly', at least not now. You've got a handsome Hippie mug, imho. And, I don't have anything against ugly folks, I just want them to leave me alone when I'm trying to eat...

Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

Any holiday about love is good! Granted, love can often go wrong, but doesn't it take two to tango?

Spread the love! Happy Guy-entines Day!

NicNacManiac said...

Happy Guy-entine's Day Sweetie!
That's quite a back story you've got there!! You sure cleaned up nicely and turned into a handsome suave dude!! Women...gotta love 'em
Big Guy-entine Hugs, xOxO Nerina

Anonymous said...

That's quite the tall tale you've spun today, KW. If we were neighbors I'de bring you a big slice of chocolate cake just because.

The Holidays are way too commercialized for the sake of the almighty dollar.. but as you know, it's always your choice.

Betty said...

Happy Guy-entines Day!
Well said! I couldn't agree more!
And thanks for you comments on my blog!

Dutch donut girl said...

This post brings me to tears. Laughing.

What price do you place on your love?
From candy and cards to dinner and diamonds. It's ridiculous, I think.
At any rate, I hope everyone has a fantastic day. And a fantastic tomorrow. And a fantastic day after that.

Ms. Anthropy said...

You silly goof, now who's dishin' corn! Happy Guy-entines Day!

My ADHD Me said...


I am SO with you!

Of course I also think putting a down payment on a house is more important than a huge diamond and a huge wedding....I know....I'm just an old sentimental softie.

Marnie said...

I have a 5 year-old Princess so I celebrate this occasion just for her. Other then that, I have to agree with you, it's gotten way out of hand. My husband and I have an agreement to just do nothing and not not feel guilty about it. Besides...I spread the love all year long, I don't need an occasion to say it ;0)

All the best,

Kelly Combs said...

Is Blase hitting on you? *grin*