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I have been very busy going to the VA for physical therapy, trying to regain a full range of motion and my strength, enough to walk and hopefully get back on my two wheeler. My therapist tells me I am making progress. But, that I have a long way to go. In my younger days, I spent a significant amount of time as a gym rat. As a matter of fact, my last duty assignment, I was the Command Fitness Coordinator and Gymnasium Manager at the Fleet Anti Submarine Warfare Training Center, in San Diego, California. Having this in my past, is helping me to recover, rather than discover my health.  rare word to the wise:


I'll be blogging sporadically until I either get up and be gone like the breeze. or I come to the realization that what once was, will never be again. Once I reach that tipping point, I'll reconsider the direction of my life and my blog. But until then, THANK YOU, for your support, friendship and encouragement...


I hope you noticed the recent addition to my sidebar.
the advert for Roba Dolce Gelato.
In return for posting that advert for one month, the good people at Roba Dolce agreed to send me some samples of their products.
When I returned home from PT on Wednesday, there was a large frozen goods shipping container on the front porch, from Warwick, Rhode Island. 
I was expecting 1 or 2 single serving containers at best. This particular box was much too large for something so meager as a couple of 6 oz cups of ice cream Gelato.
The box contained four 6 oz cups of frozen confectionery. And five large 36 oz cartons of my JUST DESSERTS.
Flavors of the small containers were:
Raspberry, Almond Fudge
Blood Orange

All four were delicious. The Raspberry, Almond Fudge was surprisingly, the best of the four. Despite my preferences for simple pleasures, I do have an educated epicurean palate. And in my world travels I have sampled foods of all sorts, flavors and descriptions. I have been to Valencia, Spain and have seen and eaten true Valencia Oranges. They are extremely sweet and the pulp and juice is "BLOOD RED" in color. 
The Roba Dolce Blood Orange Sorbeto was excellent, and placed a close 2nd behind the RAF.
Next in line of my favorites was the Lemon Sorbeto. Tart and tangy.
The Mango was good. But rather disappointing. Domestic Mangoes don not have the same level of flavor or sweetness as the ones found in Central and South America. And the mangoes from the Caribbean Island of St. Vincent are so sweet that when the juice dries on your hands, sugar remains.

The 5 large containers have the same 4 flavors, with the addition of CHOCOLATE CHUNK. But since I don't eat Chocolate, my review will be second hand.


Marnie said...

I'm glad your physio therapy is going well. It sounds like your working really hard. Now you can treat yourself with the gelato as a reward.

In the voice of Homer Simpson...gelato...mmmmmm...arhgggg! :0D

Karen said...

Kurt, thank you so much for the great review. We are always looking to tweek flavors to enhance the experience - your feedback is valuable!

Also great news to hear you have goals of walking again! Never give up - your hard work will pay off. Because you were a gym rat for a good part of your life, you had a good foundation for what you have had to endure. I'm pulling for you - keep going.

Sally said...

I'm new here, Kurt, but saw the Roba Dolce! Isn't it awesome. My little great-granddaughter loves the coconut!

Bless you, and keep up the good work in your physio therapy. I'll send good thoughts your way. :)


That sounds yummy and very generous of the company.

Are you taking a blogging break?

Good luck with your PT- you CAN do it!

Kelly Combs said...

1 - Feel free to send me the chocolate chunk and I'll be happy to review it. :-)

2 - I hope your therapy gets your stronger! Go Warrior Go! I'll be cheering *and praying* for you.

Be well, friend. God bless you!

2Thinks said...

Since when must a blog have direction? Maybe some of the best do, like those ones that make Top 100 Blog of the Universe and such. If you get a thought and it's blogable- blog it. Yours is at the top of my top 100 and I'd rather read it than receive a thousand pounds of Gelato in any flavor of the rainbow. Congrats to you on getting the sweets, however, and telling us about it here- it was more fun to read that than receive Gelato. Don't stop believin'...and don't stop bloggin' either.

My ADHD Me said...

God isn't talking to me...He's yelling!! GO READ KW's POST!

Seems you were speaking right to me.

Be well and keep it up. You are an inspiration to me.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, it is approx 10:35 right now in VA.

Becki Jacket said...


Wrexie said...

The RAF sounds yummmmy. Between that and Lynyrd Skynyrd.. you'll keep the PT workin'!


Cloudia said...

Don't forget that we will never forget you!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral



Anonymous said...

K-Dub- My man! God will see you through it all. Remember, this is just a shell we are all in, it's borrowed. As in the words of Maynard James Keenan, "this body, this body holding me, be my reminder here that I am not alone."

Cocaine Princess said...

Continue with your therapy and I wish you tons of success.

I have an incredible sweet tooth- before even reading your reviews, the almond-fudge sounded like it tasted the best.

Red Shoes said...

Oh MAN!!!

What a video!!

Skynyrd and a J. J. Cale song!!!

What a line-up Skynyrd had then!! Ed King had eventually been replaced by Steve Gaines... and they were hotter than ever!!! Allan Collins on his Explorer... Gary Rossington on the Les Paul... and Steve on his Stratocaster... Oh Man!!!

That footage, if my memory is correct, was shot in England. They opened for The Who. Reviews of this concert said that The Who complained about how drained the crowd seemed when they took the stage. Interviews later indicated that Skynyrd stole the show. If you can find them, find more performances from this show. They are awesome!

Kurt, good luck in the endeavors you have before you. You are a winner! You are a strong man!! You WILL make it!!!


Anonymous said...

Yummy! That must have been nice to come home to.

Hope the therapy is coming along Ok!