Monday, October 4, 2010


You've heard the stories. They're everywhere. Elvis is alive and well. Who is buried in his grave? Well the truth of the matter is we are not sure. You see back in the early 70s Elvis decided to take the break from the  hoopla  of being the King of rock 'n roll. He launched into a full-scale search looking for a doppelgänger. It wasn't a problem the world was replete with Elvis impersonators. The problem was finding one that was completely believable. Elvis found him, and made a contract to agreement to change places with the impersonator. The king moved into a single wide trailer in tiny little town in West Virginia, while the impersonator went on tour.

The problem was, the impersonator had a drug problem, and wasn't as healthy as he had led the king to believe. The impersonator got fat and bloated, developed a heart condition and finally died. Coincidentally,  in a freak  barbecue accident, Elvis Trailer burned to the ground, and completely consume the contract. As far as the faithful were concerned, the king was dead.: That the contract the one true King was unable to claim his rightful place on the throne. So he went to work doing the only thing he knew how to do. Sing Elvis songs.

Well as time progressed, the King aged, his bones wore out and one night on stage he broke his hip. This accident landed him in a nursing home. The former king was now stripped of his pride, his dignity and his wealth.

If this was the end of the story, he would've made a horrible movie. But wait there's more. It just so happens that in that very same nursing home there is another famous person, who everybody believed to be dead. Coincidence? Or fate? The other person in a nursing home is John Fitzgerald Kennedy. But if you remember your American history you will recall, that for some strange reason, after the autopsy, Kennedy's body arrived in Washington DC, without his brain. As it turns out the CIA was behind the murder cover-up. And just to keep everybody from getting suspicious, and suspecting the swap out, they dyed his skin black and locked him away in this home also.

One more twist. For some unknown reason other patients in the nursing home are turning up dead. Something is not out of the ordinary. But, it is happening far too often. Then one night, strange things take place in the room occupied by the King. And he discovers that there is an ancient evil spirit, from a long dead Egyptian mummy that was accidentally dumped near the nursing home. And to sustain itself this evil spirit is sucking the life force from the old people in the home.
The King of rock 'n roll, and the Prince of Camelot team together to destroy the evil spirit. Can he do it in time to save themselves and the other members of the home? That is the plot line and the question to the movie  


this movie won critical acclaim and numerous awards. And I enjoyed it thoroughly. Mainly because I enjoy I  odd things.



Heff said...

Soul Sucker !!

Bruce Campbell gets ALL the kick-ass roles !!

Red Shoes said...

Oh my God... Im home sick with a cold... and when something makes me laugh, I am going into severe coughing fits...

That trailer almost cost me a lung!!!

I've GOT to see this!!!


Karen said...


but seriously... I still miss Elvis. What a cryin shame.

Anonymous said...

That does sound odd...I am going to have to check it out...

red.neck chic said...


I'm laughing so hard...

My theory is: Elvis and Michael Jackson are livin' it up on an island somewhere. LOLOLOL

I have to see this movie... odd things work for me.

;-D xoxoxo