Friday, October 22, 2010


In 2006 when the chemotherapy I was taking caused sepsis it was a life-changing experience. I spent the better part of a month in a coma, most of that year completely paralyzed and bedridden for the next 2 1/2 years. and during this time of infirmity the man pictured above took care of all my household repair needs. Without being asked, he came across the street from his house to mine and every two weeks for over three years my neighbor Dale mode my lawn, did all the yard maintenance and kept my automobile running so that my wife could have transportation and our home would be maintained.

Dale and his family moved into the house across the street from us approximately one week after we moved into our house. Homeowners in the new subdivision seems to make friends much easier, then when moving into an already established neighborhood. I owe this man a debt of gratitude, so great, that if I live forever I could not repay it. On July 13, 2008 the temperature outside was a balmy 118°and wouldn't you know it? One of the infamous California rolling blackouts struck full force and left my house without power or air-conditioned. Having grown up in the sultry parts of North Carolina that heat and humidity don't really bother me.  But the mattress of my hospital bed requires a constant pressure air pump to be running all the time. Otherwise mattress collapses and laying on cold steel. Dale and his family own RV, and during the blackout they just moved into the RV. Quite surprisingly to me, Dale remembered my situation and ran200 foot extension cord for the generator of his RV to the motor of my air mattress.

During the four years of my infirmity, Dale has come to my rescue in similar fashion on many occasions. And while I hear people complain that they know of nobody who lives up to the Christian principles, I know just such a person. He lives across the street from me and his name is Dale. He is one of the less than a dozen people I address as brother.

Thanks bro!


Heff said...

Hell, I'LL call Dale "brother" if he'll come cut my lawn !!!

Alpha Za said...

Wow, Dale is such an amazing guy. You are lucky to know him and men like him.

He makes us all remember the greatness of human spirit.

Good is out there, you're just lucky that it's right across the street.

God bless him and his family.

Indi said...

we could all do with more Dale's.. there isn't enough kind people, thoughtful people in this world.. I haert you Dale



Megan said...

He sounds like an amazing man! How blessed are you to have a man like him in your life!

Don't you just LOVE the wonderful people that He places along your journey? Each of them for a season or a purpose... and we'd never reach where He wants us to be if we didn't have each one of them in our life :)

Anonymous said...

K-Dub, you always find a way to inspire.

Niecy said...

Sounds like on Awesome Man in your life. What a blessing. Life is amazing and the people that we come across are amazing. Sometimes people whom we never would think to know, become our most treasured friends of all.
I really liked this post!
God Bless My Sweet Friend,

Karen said...

These are the stories I wish the media would cover more often. Loved this post, Kurt... Sounds like you have an angel across the street.

Kanani said...

You're so lucky to have Dale. So many neighbors are insular little places where no one reaches out.

Marnie said...

I like Dale.

Charlene said...

A wonderful friend [brother] is prescious beyone pearls. SMILE

Mr. Flannery said...

Friends and neighbors helping each other. No government mandate, no community action agency inferestructure, just an American taking care of his fellow American. Its beautiful.

Kelly Combs said...

Dale is a blessing! I'm so glad he was there just when you needed him!


Wow! This post gave me goose pimples.
How wonderful to have such a neighbour,friend,brother. No wonder YOU'RE so loving-not only would you do all that too for someone else-to be surrounded with such angls of mercy makes life wonderful.

Anonymous said...

My family and I are fortunate enough to have met our next door neighbor, Tom. When my grandma and I were unloading groceries, he came over, asked if we needed help and then he told us when he was out cutting his lawn, he also cut ours (our lawns connect). Always letting us know if we need anything to contact him. He's such a doll!

Choleesa said...

Awesome that you have a neighbor like Dale. What a blessing.

Red Shoes said...

WOW!!! Now that is someone who has stepped up and stepped forward!!!

What a great fellow!!!