Sunday, November 22, 2009

My First Follower.


I've been doing this BLOG thing for awhile now. I have amassed a grand total of 30 followers. And posted an amazing 127 items. I would like to thank each and every reader, follower or  not. But I would be remiss if I failed to point out MY first follower. Blasé.
He said it was because I listed Grand Funk as one of my favorite bands. But I think it had more to do with our similar Carolina upbringings. Either way, This dude stuck with me. He gave me advice and I found his sense of humor engaging. But his take no prisoners attitude and his bullet proof logic are addictive. His silver tongue style of eloquence has corralled an impressive list of followers. Most of which are of the female persuasion. And he doesn't wear a leather jacket, or ride a motorbike. GO FIGURE!

But rest assured, there is no sugar coating, or syrup poured on his entrees. However, there is plenty of down home flavor. So go and check him out. He has advice on everything from relationships to carpet cleaning to aquarium setup and maintenance. But before you leave him a comment, beware. He don't tolerate stupid. So have an opinion, but don't suck. Thanks Buddy. Have a great week.


NicNacManiac said...

You sure hit the nail on the head with your tribute to the silver tongued devil!! He is I'm pretty sure a real charmer as are you!!!
Love the award!!!
Yes, you can substitute spiced rum, white rum, dark rum or just about anything that brings a smile to your pretty little head!! Have a brewski if it makes you happy!!
Love the Santa Bailout...where do you find this stuff!!
Have a fabuous week!! xOxO Nerina

Blasé said...

You're killing me over here...I'm busting a gut!

Thanks for the Award. I plan to hang it outside my front door.

Lyn said...

Holy Cow. Blase is going to have to duck on the way out of the door his head is going to be big. :)

Kelly Combs said...

You summed it up well! Very nice.

Gillian said...

Yeah! I agree I love his blog (and yours) and he "takes no prisioners" I love it!

Laszlo Brown said...

Nice shout out.

Dutch donut girl said...

'The no bull award', how very fitting. It's amazing how far he has come without a leather jacket or a motorbike. But yep, his blog is a down-home treat with a flirty blend of flavors.

Btw, poor Santa Claus: 25 billion??? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Laughing MAO... great post. And.. you found an award that fits Blase perfectly.

MsDarkstar said...

Finally, an award Blasé will be pleased to have received!

Great post, man! I'll be back to read more!

Silver said...

I do remember the first batch of followers when the number was small and it remained for a while unchanged. So I am always going to be grateful for their following me for whatever reason- for me, it was a big boost as it means that what i write didn't suck that much ;)

Anyway, i will pay your friend a visit and said that you sent me. haha.. i'll try to sound, er, not stupid. ;)


Gayla said...

You are just as good! I do like his blog and I follow him, but now I'm going to follow you too :))
And I LOVE, LOVE Grand Funk!

Huggers, Gayla

Edie said...

Very nice tribute. I'm not a fan of Grand Funk but I'm a fan of yours.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!