Monday, November 16, 2009

In defense of women

The lovely, intelligent and very outspoken Ann Coulter. She is probably the most vilified person on the internet. Don't believe me? Turn off your safe search, and run a google image search for Ms Coulter. 80% will be either hideous caricatures or Photo-shopped pornographic portraits or swastika spangled images of her. Of the remaining 20%, most are attached to blogs that suggest she be raped into shutting up. Or being married off to Islamic Facists, or even censored because the young college Nazis (democrats), don't believe she has the right to speak. And demand she be silenced in the Land of free speech. I didn't loose my left leg in the Navy, so you could practice censorship my friends.
Well I know this won't win me any popularity contests. But I don't care about that. I admire Ann Coulter. She may not be very tactful or courteous. But she speaks her heart. And I believe what she says is true. YES. I am an extreme right wing conservative. I own guns. I'm an NRA Member. I vote early and often. I haven't missed an election since the voting age was dropped to 18. I spent 21 years, 5 months and 8 days in the US Navy. 16 of those years were at sea with my finger hovering over the button or a trigger. My shore duty tours were spent ensuring the next generation of sailors had all the knowledge they needed to remain war-ready. I am an anachronism. I believe in chivalry. Honesty. And in Christ Jesus. I am not very religious. Religion is responsible for some of the worst atrocities in the history of mankind. But I do come from a part of America, where Gentleman is a birth right, and not an act of congress. Where gentlemen stand up when a lady is being insulted. So I'm on record; every thing Ann says, goes double for me...
I asked my wife; "If you die before me, is it okay if I marry Ann Coulter?" She said "Yes."

Now for my next damsel in distress. Miss Carrie Prejean. What on earth did she do to warrant such extreme dislike and negative attention from the likes of CNN and MSNBC? She had the unmitigated gaul to tell Larry (Viagra) King, he was being in appropriate. But only after Mr. Viagra asked her about the settlement of her case against the Miss America Pageant. She had already told him she was not allowed to discuss the details. But he kept picking at her. Afterward, her former boyfriend, was quoted on CNN as saying "Now, you get to see the real Carrie." What was so terrble? She didn't raise her voice. She did not call names or throw a tantrum. I question her so called "boyfriend" and his motivation. If you had nude photos of Miss California, Would you keep them to yourself? Or would you weasel out and brag to the world? Money is a great motivator. I wonder how much TMZ paid for those photos. Or did he do it just for bragging rights.
So what did Miss Prejean do? Pose for nude pictures? Yes, but so what? Looking at pretty women is no crime. Our God is in the business of making pretty women. It's what you do after looking that makes the difference. And then it is your problem. Not the woman's.
No, her crime is being a Christian woman in Post liberal America trying to be noticed by espousing her beliefs. Some here-to-fore unknown, misogynistic, homosexual asked her a loaded question at a Beauty Pageant. She had the intestinal fortitude to speak her mind in public. And spoke out against homosexual marriage. This is the issue she is being chastised for. She did not say anything about homosexuals per say. She spoke against homosexuality.
If homosexuals wanted to simply be accepted as homosexuals, that would be fine. Homosexuals are no different than your common adulterer. But, they aren't satisfied with that. They don't want the 90% heterosexual world population to accept the 10% homosexual population. They want you to accept homosexuality. They want you to accept the act. They want you to condone the act of homosexuality. "We were born this way." is their new mantra. Then why aren't serial killers and child molesters given the same latitude? Because homosexuals are made, not born. The proof is evidenced in identical twins. There are documented cases of identical twins, were one is heterosexual and the other is homosexual. Yet both have exactly the same DNA. If homosexuality were actually a birth trait. It would have died out after the first generation. No heterosexual coupling. No homosexual children. The old joke applies. If your parents had no children. You won't either. There is no case, documented or otherwise, where the homosexual act ended in conception.
But homosexuals still have the right to enjoy life in America, right? Yes they do. So that means they have the right to get married in America, correct? No. The problem is not with the definition of the word marriage. The problem is in the definition of the word "right." The truth is that in America, no one has the RIGHT to MARRIAGE. Marriage is a priviledge, granted and licensed by the states, just like hunting, fishing and driving. If it were a right, as the Homosexual activists claim. No state could license or restrict it. Or charge a fee for it. Why do you think states aren't allowed to license gun ownership? Because it is an individual right of the people, spelled out by the constitution. If it were not so. America would have been a totalitarian dictatorship long ago. Marriage is denied to other groups in the US besides just homosexuals. Brothers are not allowed to marry their sisters. First cousins are forbidden in most states from marrying each other. Mentally incompetent people are also restricted by law from marriage in many states. Children under the age of 15 in some states, 12 in Arkansas, and 18 in most states are denied the privilege of marriage. It is purely a matter of money. Marriage in America is licensed to allow the procreation of the next generation of tax-payers. Anything other than traditional marriage is bound to end in being a tax burden, rather than a taxable asset for generating revenue.
The fact that America's religions are still allowed to officiate at weddings in the US is amazing to me. Pleasing. But amazing.
For my Mexican and Canadian readers, Please excuse my use of the term AMERICA when I mean The USA. My words are not meant to impugn, exclude or belittle you. All Americans are not in the USA, I realize this. But All the USA is in America. And it is out of habit, I use the term America when referencing the USA.
As for the rest of the US citizens, welcome. And please remember. You have the right to be offended by everything I say. Enjoy and exercise your rights daily and leave me a comment.
One last thought: What qualifies misogynistic homosexual to sit as a judge of a women's beauty contest?


Blasé said...


You da Man, HH!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I agree and disagree with you. I'm also am gun owning NRA member (have 8 firearms) but am no longer the conservative I once was. I would say I am somewhere in the middle politically, depending on the subject.

Yes, Ann Coulter has a right to say whatever she pleases. I would just like to point out that she does her share of bashing democrats, its not a one way street. I am surprised that there's so much out on the Interent about her, but in a way that's a huge compliment because she obviously intimidates those people enough for them to hate her. I just ignore people I don't like or agree with.

As for Carrie Prejean, I don't think its what she said to Larry King that makes her a target for criticism, I think its her hypocrisy of stating her Christian values then is found out to have sent video tapes of herself masturbating to her boyfriend and then trying to cover it up by getting him to lie and say she was underage when she did it. You can't stand in front of the world and pridefully say you are a Christian and therefore oppose homosexual marriage and turn around and do porn and lie to get out of it. That's just asking for trouble. She has every right to film herself having "solo sex". I think she embarrassed a lot of Christians her were so gung ho about her squeaky clean image.

Blasé said...

Seriously, folks like Coulter, Elizabeth Hesslebeck, Palin, Prejean, etc are the last ones that should be representing/speaking for christianity. Just a bunch of airheads with opinions that backfire on them...imho

Kelly Combs said...

My problem with Ann Coulter is that I believe she says things with the intent of hurting people. I may inadvertently hurt someone, but not intentionally. Her goal seems to be to cause harm in spouting her truths. I may agree with many of the things she says, but I wouldn't say them so disrespectfully.

As for Prejean, I do feel sorry for her that her dirty laundry is being dragged into the public because she had the "audacity" to speak against homosexuality. And yes, I agree with your last question, why was that judge on the beauty pageant board?

Christians are sinners too, the problem is that as soon as you call a sin a sin, the world wants to make sure you know you're just as guilty.

That's why I'm glad I have Jesus! The world is fickle, but Jesus always loves me. :-)

NicNacManiac said...

You rock dude....why don't you loosen up a bit and let us know how you really feel!!
All I can say is that I am glad I am not a celebrity, so all of my dirty laundry and little secrets won't be out there for the world to see, so thay can drag me through the mud, just for livin my life the only way I know how!!
I mean everyone should just leave these poor women alone and deal with what is going on in their own houses people!!
Love you...enjoy the rest of your day and don't forget to look over your shoulder for cameras!!!!

Heart2Heart said...


Makes me wonder just what kind of laundry and questioning would be hit at all of us, if we found ourselves just where these women find themselves. People may question that by being a part of the public eye they open that side of themselves up for that, but honestly, persecution by the media for standing up for your beliefs should be something we are proud of, after all, it began a really long time ago, and Jesus said we would all face persecution in His name. I say bring it! I've got nothing to hide!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

2Thinks said...

Perhaps not having a working t.v. is a good thing, 'eh?

And no, rabbits don't freak me out, even if they're hanging out unexpectedly in the garage- but mice do. Maybe because mice are so speedy and have such beady little eyes. They just shoot out from behind things and scare the living daylights out of me.

Or maybe there is something to be said for reputation.

Charlotte said...

Well, I'm glad to know you are on my side.

I like Ann Coulter because she SMART and not afraid to say what she thinks. Granted Ann offends the Left but that's not saying much. The left is offended by the very air that you and I breath because we are Christian conservatives. So what else is new?

Edie said...

Well there's not much more that I can say that hasn't already been said. I agree with what Kelly said about Ann. I think she is too harsh even though I agree with most of what she says.

I am not a member of the NRA. After I started the Tea Party in my city I discovered the darn Republican Party was no better than the Dems. I'm a conservative. A right wing radical extremist conservative.

I feel sorry for what Carrie is going through. I'm glad she had the fortitude to stand against homosexuality, no doubt she knew she would endure ridicule. As for her pictures. We all sin and our sin always finds us out. She made a bad choice and now she is facing the consequences.

You made lots of great points in this post!

Edie said...

off topic - I almost never quote from The Message. I don't really care for that translation. I think it is off the mark in a lot of scriptures. But God used that translation of Jeremiah 29:11 to speak loud and clear to me one day when I was worrying too much over my circumstances instead of trusting Him. Have you ever said to someone... "I know what I'm doing."?

LOL! I got the message loud and clear.