Thursday, November 8, 2012


Bitch about the election results.
Slam everybody who didn't vote..
Complain about how stupid everybody was for not seeing the direction this country is now heading.
Punch my fist against the wall in anger and frustration.
Scream at the top of my lungs.
Delete all my liberal friends on Facebook, after leaving nasty words in their profiles.
Rail long and loud about higher taxes coming, less services rendered, more social injustice, the judicial branch legislating from the bench at a higher rate, the installation of class warfare in which everybody above the poverty line becomes the enemy of the state and of the people.
Complain about how lousy the Chargers are this year.
Wish out loud that I knew all the answers.

But no that would do any good so I get down on my knees and pray God that all these things will work out that America will stay free and powerful country, where men and women of every race creed color many dream endeavor to advance to the highest possible level fiscally and philosophically without the threat of tyranny or limits placed on them by politically correct nincompoops.


Choleesa said...

I agree.......completely!

Heff said...

I'm more than a bit pissed myself, Dude.

Karen said...

Well now, KP, I respect that you feel this way and I know you pay attention and have formed your opinions based on things you truly believe in.. and I hope you won't delete me because I love you dearly, especially for your raw honesty.

But, given the description you just put out there, I would have thought you were praying for exactly what I believe Democrats stand for, not the Republicans..

I hope we all find that the next four years will bring us closer together, more problems solved, not more division.

You can delete this comment if it annoys you, that will be ok by me.

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! AMEN!!! and AMEN!!!!

MsDarkstar said...

Ditto to what Karen said.... Especially "I hope we all find that the next four years will bring us closer together, more problems solved, not more division."

Frankly, I don't want a bunch of people I really like to want to lynch me next time we have an election.

Cloudia said...

It will be OK, my Brother. Even liberals and progressives love America and may just surprise you!!!!

God Bless America for All of Us!

God Bless the VETS!!!!!!