Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Pay for a ground pounding front line warrior $17,366.40 per year.
Pay for a first year congress member $174,000 per year.
Senate president & party leaders $193,000 per year.
US president $400,000 per year. and they get a life time of health care and a pension plan to die for. 
There are no congress members or senators dying for this country. In fact the biggest threat to their health is cardiac problems from sitting on their asses doing jack squat. Or maybe catching an STD from screwing an intern.

And Mr. Obama wants to freeze military pay, IN AN EFFORT TO CURB GOVERNMENT SPENDING.

These brave young men and women are sacrificing their time, their liberty and in some cases the very lives. In return they get pay that is below the poverty level and if they get injured they get to wait in line and beg the VA to approve them for care. The average amount of time for a veteran to get approved for coverage after being injured is 5 years. The average life span for a military member after spending 20 years in the service: 5 years.

The last President who tried to save money by freezing military pay, was that ONE TERM, PEANUT FARMER "Jimma" Carter. 

See you in the voting booth in 2012, Dude.


red.neck chic said...

That's so messed up... I can't believe he's still in office...


red.neck chic said...

well... really... i still can't believe he was elected...

Karen said...

...heavy heart.....

I had hopes...yes, I did.

Heff said...

I'm QUITE sure Obama's gonna be a One-Termer, dude !

Let's get some "Pub's" back in office that RESPECT THE MILITARY !!!

Cloudia said...


For sure?


God Bless our Heroes

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



Charlene said...

If you would be so kind, run a Snopes on this. This is incorrect.

Whoever started this lie used part of a report from the NCFRR commission. Ya'all remember them, the ones who said retirement age should be set at 70 by the year 2075.

The TRUTH is our President Barack Obama's new budget released in Feb 2010 includes a pay RAISE for our military of 1.4%.

Here's the link:


Holy shit- What an eye opener!
It's a bloody disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Charlene, even if it is the case, it's still bullshit that jobs get cut but not the congressman's pay. They waste so much of our time and money and cut jobs and public services but don't you dare touch their salary!

Just telling it like it is said...

What freeze military pay...I'm hating...Happy Thanksgiving suga...xoxoxoxo

Marnie said...

This structure is totally backwards. Sad to see.