Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wild Life in my California backyard

When I first had children, I thought they would miss out on being close to nature. I was raised in the Pine Forests of North Carolina. And I had pets of every shape and size. In the ensuing years, a very diverse crowd of critters has appeared in or near my backyard.These are just a few of them...

A murder of Crows.
A Breeding pair of Black Widows
California Ground Squirrel
Horned Lizard
Baby Western Diamondback
Another baby Rattler
Cliff Swallows under the eaves
Road Runner
Red Tail Hawk
The Plesiosaur I saw while on prescription morphine


Senorita said...

I live in CA too, but I didn't know that we have buzzards !

I also didn't know we have scorpions.

We did have a few black widows and a tarantula creep into our shower while our neighboorhood was under construction.

Heidi said...

Interesting assortment, yes. I was more than half expecting a punch at the end- you didn't disappoint- the picture is very believable ;)

I promise, no contest entry. Truthfully, this is not my usual literary fare, but it was fun getting in on the hooplaa. Now if I can just mail the package out to the winner in a timely manner- there will be some success in the story.

Anonymous said...

Wow we have these Critters too! I love that you saw a dinosaur while on morphine. LOL!

MsDarkstar said...

Great assortment of wildlife. At least the Plesiosaur looks relatively harmless. I think I'd be less afraid of that than I am of the scorpion. I have this weird fear of scorpions... I'm pretty sure it qualifies as a phobia. It was the one thing that really made me hesitate when I thought of moving South.

Anonymous said...

I believe that dinosaur is plant eating, so that's do-able.

GOOD GOD tarantulas and scorpions??

Love the swallows, they are a beautiful bird. Our barn swallows are my favorites.

Heart2Heart said...


I've seen quite a few of these myself and there are so many more you've left out.

I've yet to see any buzzards here but you just never know unless your walking around with your head in the clouds, not that I am in any way inferring that that is what you are doing.

I am severely allergic to spiders so the black widows stay far from me.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Ms. A said...

Ok, most of those would be a good reason NOT to visit California. I mean, why spend the money... travel that far, to see scary stuff. All I have to do is stay home and look in the mirror. (I get tons of scary... cheap!)

Betty Manousos said...

Awww, loved these photos!Love the swallows!
Thanks for sharing those amazing creatures:)
And thank you so much for your comments!:)

Edie said...

I love all of them but that last one is the best! LOL!

Heff said...

Plesiosaur, HA !

Marnie said...

Plesiosaur :0)))))))))))))))))))) Thanks for the giggles.


OMG! Going to your house for a bbq is playing Russian Roulette. Can you just mail me my Ribeye?

Happy Easter, KW!!!! xo

Dionna said...

I could do without a lot of those critters. I like the coyote, hawk, squirrel and roadrunner though. :)

Kimberly said...

I am now rethinking my vacation at your place.


LMAO @ last pic ! You're too funny!